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Strong Future International (SFI) : Maintaining At Least Executive Affiliate (EA) Status

strong future international SFI

A key to making progress with () is to maintain at least an (EA) Status on a monthly basis.

This ensures that you get a share of the Executive Pool and a 45% or 15% share of the commission volume on the purchases/sales of your Directly Sponsored Affiliates and Co-Sponsored Affiliates respectively.

Initially when you are not yet earning an income at least commensurate with your expenses, this may be a daunting task.

Let me however highlight a few ways by which you can more easily accomplish this task.

  • Maintaining a Standing Order for 100 T-Credits using either Paypal or AlertPay.

This is a very cost-effective method of achieving your objective of maintaining Executive Affiliate status. This will give 1200 versa points and an additional purchase of say 1 pack of S-Builder Co-op Units will give an additional 280 versa points to which you can now add daily log-in to your home page actions and reviewing SFI indicated pages to balance up your versa points to 1500 to achieve Executive Affiliate level.

  • Monthly Purchase Of 200 T-Credits

This is another cost-effective method of maintaining Executive AffiliateStatus with Strong Future International (SFI). This will give you 1661 versa points which already exceeds the 1500 versa points required to qualify you for Executive Affiliate Status.

  • Monthly Subscription to International Association Of Home Business Entrepreneurs (IAHBE)

This will yield 1500 versa points which is exactly equal to the requirement for maintaining Executive Affiliate Status.

  • Purchasing Lots Of 1-T-Credits

This is not an economical way of maintaining Executive Affiliate Status level but can be very useful one-off when you are in dire-straits and need to maintain your status so as not to loose all your executive perks.

It is not an economical method in the sense that each unit of t-credit bought yields only (1)one t-credit and the $ cost per t-credit is highest when compared to bulk buying of say 200 t-credits.

The advantage however is that it yields the most versa points (102 versa points each) such that with buying 15 t-credits singly, and for only $29 in total, you can achieve 1500 versa points and thereby Executive Affiliate Status.


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