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Paid-To-Click (PTC) Sites : Are They Really Worth It For Affiliates?

Currently, a massive proliferation of Paid-To-Click () sites is ongoing. The important thing however is to be able to sift the grain from the shaft. I have identified some good , but taking into consideration so many other factors which i will enumerate, have pitched my tent with only two out of the staggering number currently in existence.

The two Paid-To-Click (PTC) sites i have decided to pitch tent with are:

This is a US based company and is about the oldest PTC site, with an unblemished record, having been online since February 2007.

It is FREE to join and pays up to $0.02 per click to the direct affiliate and up $0.008 to the affiliate’s referral. It has an 8-tier affiliate referral program with an allowance for the affiliate to generate unlimited referrals.

Neobux PTC service is also one of the oldest PTC services around having commenced online about April 2008. It is FREE to join.

It has a limitation on the number of direct referrals ( as opposed to rented referrals) an affiliate can have. The older you are in the program, the more direct referrals you can have and there is a graduated scale in place to manage this. To have any direct referral at all, you must have been a member for 30 days and have made up to 100 clicks.

It has a structure of referrals rentals whereby you can rent referrals for a fee, leveraging on their efforts and hoping to make a profit from your investment on referrals renting.


Obviously, there are a lot of scam PTC sites around and one should be wary not to waste one’s efforts unnecessarily.

There is no doubt that the only way to make PTC sites profitable for the affiliate , is to have as large a number of referrals as he can muster.

Using a case study, even if you upgrade at Clixsense with $14.95 for a year, you are likely to be given an average of 4 standard ads and 10 micro ads to click per day. At an average price of $0.01 and $0.001 for the standard and micro ads respectively, this comes to about $1.5 per month and $18 per annum, meaning it would take about 10 months for you to recoup your investment.

If you proliferate across PTC sites with a view to getting a lot of clicks, the maximum no. of clicks you can possibly muster is about 3000 daily which at an average of $0.001 will only fetch you about $3 on a daily basis.

I can assure you that to get 3000 clicks a day, you will be completely fagged out and be left with no time at all to be engaged with any other activity as you will spend almost all the productive part of the day on this task.

This brings me to the opportunity cost issue and explains why i cannot afford to be involved with more than the two identified as the best PTC sites. The real cost of my time in the sense of the alternative foregone (opportunity cost) is too high to be engaged in such an unproductive venture.

Why then am i involved at all with these 2 PTC sites? Because as i explained, the way to make it profitable is to accumulate referrals, which is my objective. Even then, it is not worth my while on more than these 2 sites.

We all know that getting referrals is no mean task and this is why i am more inclined to believe Neobux gives a better opportunity to the average newbie internet marketer given its rental referrals program.

At an average cost of $0.20 per month per rented referral, this gives an average cost of $0.0067 as against an average income of $0.01 from 2 clicks (projected) for your rented referral per day at an average commission rate of $0.005.

This implies with an average of 2 clicks per rented referral per day, you would have broken even and anything more than this is a bonus. This assumed figure of 2 clicks per day per rented referral is not unrealistic given that a serious affiliate is usually given between 10 to 20 ads to click per day even as a FREE member. This is from practical experience as opposed to the more limited numbers stated as guarantee ads.

The above working results to about $0.0033 per day profit per rented referral, $0.099 per month per rented referral.

We can now begin to simulate from here. Supposing you hire 10 referrals, it comes to about $1 a month. Supposing you hire 1000 referrals, it comes to about $100 a month and so forth.

Now supposing your rented referrals exceed the very low/pessimistic average of 2 ads clicked per day, then you have a different ball game altogether.

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  1. February 3, 2012    

    @izyan aysel,

    Hi izyan,

    Minimum payout requirement for upgraded members at Clixsense is now $6 while that for free members is now $8. The requirement even for FREE members at Neobux is just $2 for the first payout while it graduates upwards with each additional payout and finally peaks at $10 for all subsequent payouts.

    Does it make economic sense to drawdown just $1 or less? I do not think so. Would you really have lost if you wait till you accumulate between $2 and $6? I do not think so either.

    Thanks for your view.

  2. February 3, 2012    

    I agree with the PTC sites above is the best , but too long for waiting request payout without referal ,we must earning until 10 $ or 5 $ if we are free member , i Think we must try PTC sites with no minimum payout , only 0,1 $ earning to request Payout

  3. January 29, 2012    



    Sure, your comment is worthy enough to be approved as it has added value to the post.

    Recollect from the content of my post that some of the reasons i also opted for Neobux amongst others, is because it has a long history of success and it has the “rented referrals” option. The “rented referrals” option makes it quite easy to leverage the efforts of referrals which may otherwise not have been available given the difficulty of amassing a large direct downline.

    I am only a member of 3 sites and I guess in an attempt to sway you to join a 3rd and possibly become one of my referrals, I would suggest checking out PTCBox.

    What a tall order! It just is not worth my while to go any further than these 2 sites and if you will like to know, any of them that do not meet my “returns requirement” by the end of this year, will be jettisoned.

    Thanks for your comment and have a nice day 🙂

  4. January 29, 2012    

    You are certianly right in regards to the number of PTC sites that are out there and to be honest it is a complete mine field particularly for the beginner.

    I notice that you have Neobux as one of your chosen 2 but in my opinion I do not like the way they go about business, it seems like 2 many hoops you have to jump through just to get paid a few dollars.

    The main thing I look for when joining a paid to click site is their activity requirement to earn from my referrals, as you have already said, getting referrals is the way to make money from these programs. That being said I am personally not interesting in clicking ads at all and I spend my time in building my downlines instead, so I only join sites that have a 0% activity requirement.

    Even though I only go for 0% activity sites, I am similar to yourself and that is I am only a member of 3 sites and I guess in an attempt to sway you to join a 3rd and possibly become one of my referrals, I would suggest checking out PTCBox.

    0% activity required to get paid from your referrals, this means if you do not want to or simply do not have the time you don’t have to click an ad. This makes it an ideal PTC site to join as you can put some referral links up on your site and not have to worry about clicking ads each day.

    No limit on how many referrals you can have, this is one of my pet peeves with Neobux, if you can get the referrals then you will earn from every single one of them, to me this puts PTCBox way ahead of NeoBux, but as I said this is only my opinion.

    Other then the blatant PTCBox advertising, I hope you find the rest of my post worthy of being approved, I must admit I like your site and I have actually book marked it, to read some more at a later date.

  5. January 22, 2012    

    Good salesmanship for your PTC site Chris 🙂

    Wish your PTC site was one of the oldest and most reputable. Anyway best of luck with your PTC site.

    Kind Regards

  6. January 22, 2012    

    You have reduced the risk to minimum by using only those 2 PTC sites, but they are not the only ones safe.
    In the mean time, you can use even the scam sites in your advantage, to get referrals :).
    There are strategies and strategies to be used and a lot to talk about in this field.
    The information in your post is good quality and beginners can learn from it. Good luck!

    Chris Free BUX and PTC money making program.

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