I indicated in my last post that i will let you in, to an easy way to add your favorite to the list of html editors in your computer system and i am now making good my promise.

Ordinarily, any Windows system usually comes installed with at least “Notepad” as an html editor. Other html editors such as “Microsoft Office FrontPage” gets added on installation of Microsoft Office. You will find a list of these installed html editors when you open “Internet Options” and click the “Programs” tab.

You may however have another favorite html editing application and wish to have this installed on your system and even probably thereafter set as the default editor.

No need to go manually editing the registry when you can use a nifty tool/script which i have used and found quite “wonderful”.

You have to download the script to your system. Not to worry, it is a small-sized download. The instructions as to how to use it is stated on the author’s website to which i provide a link hereunder and it is quite self-explanatory.

==> Adding html editor application to your computer system