affiliate-gateway-pageAffiliate Gateway Page/Doorway

It is quite important that as an , you maintain a personal gateway page, which should then lead visitors to any of yours. The main purpose of this is

      to ensure that the work you do once continues to serve you many years down the line, such that you can re-route the personal gateway page you maintain to any other gateway page of your choice, whether it belongs to the same merchant or not, so long as it is in the same niche, whenever you choose to.

      Of course, if you are changing merchants, you will need to re-write the content on your personal gateway page and insert new links. If you are however merely changing the affiliate gateway page you are routing your personal gateway page to (with the same merchant), a fundamental change in the content on your personal gateway page may not be necessary. Whatever the situation that arises, YOU RETAIN YOUR VISITORS.

    Please understand that i am not talking of a redirect of your personal gateway page to any affiliate gateway page of yours but a routing of your visitors via links on the content on your personal gateway page to your affiliate gateway page.


    You can utilize wordpress site/blog for this purpose or you may also choose to use a completely html website.

        Another key thing you should take into consideration while setting up this personal gateway page of yours, is to insert your website links (can be done with Pretty Link Pro plugin) pointing to the affiliate gateway page, as against your affiliate links obtained from the merchant. That is, shrink your affiliate links.

    This serves some purposes

    • It makes you look professional
    • It encourages more clickthroughs as many prospects get turned off by affiliate links.
    • Your affiliate commissions are safer this way, as we hear of commission thefts through revelation of affiliate links.
    • You can “nofollow” these shrunken links such that “link juice” is not passed out, at least considerably if at all, from your own webpage to these merchant companies. Relevant to note here though, is the fact that you can still achieve this with most affiliate links where you are able to insert the “nofollow” attribute in the affiliate link you place on your webpage.

      To achieve this objective, if you are using wordpress as your content management system (CMS), you can utilize the Pretty Link Pro plugin. This plugin enables you to shrink, track and share any URL on the Internet from your WordPress website.