In undertaking any , three basic things naturally must be considered.

  • The quality of the product or service.
  • The necessity and hence marketability of the product or service.
  • The lucrativeness of the compensation plan.

Scrutinizing the , no doubt, it passes all three tests.

  1. affiliate program review – The quality of the product or service.

    Trafficwave is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited program founded in 2000 and no doubt is doing well in the email marketing tools, autoresponder and ad tracking industry when stacked up against the two acclaimed market leaders of the industry i.e. Aweber and GetResponse.

    A simple listing of vital statistics reveals this.

    Google PR = 6
    Alexa Rating = 591


    Google PR = 6
    Alexa Rating = 126

    Google PR = 4
    Alexa Rating = 4759

    That Trafficwave is not doing badly when stacked against the two acknowledged market leaders in the industry (GetResponse and Aweber), is a reflection of the quality of its product/service.

  2. Trafficwave affiliate program review – The necessity and hence marketability of the product or service.

    No doubt, the email marketing tools and autoresponder market is a constantly growing one and with internet explosion naturally comes a yawning demand as most internet businesses will require these tools to enhance the performance of their businesses.

    This is more so, given that there is the common saying that “the money is in the list”. To build and maintain this list, you require these vital tools.

  3. Trafficwave affiliate program review – The lucrativeness of the compensation plan.

    This is where Trafficwave leaves the market leaders gasping for breath. GetResponse and Aweber use a straight residual income approach with GetResponse paying a flat rate of 33% and Aweber a flat rate of 30% of sales price as recurring monthly commission to the affiliate for as long as the referred customer pays for its services, Traffic wave uses a 3×10 forced and compressed matrix structure to make payment of a residual and leveraged income to its affiliates.

    Trafficwave’s Affiliate Program compensation plan is not only the most lucrative in the industry, it is also one of the most lucrative across all income opportunities on the internet.

    The allure of Trafficwave is therefore not so much for its services which is definitely above average but more for its lucrative compensation plan.

    All you require is three(3) referrals to break even and subsequently begin to see profit. The first 30 days is FREE (no credit card details needed) while subsequently, you are required to pay $17.95 monthly.

Because i am so convinced of the profitabilty of the Trafficwave Affiliate program, i have even decided to remove all risk whatsoever for whosoever signs up in my downline, whether directly with me as his sponsor or even indirectly just as his upline.

How am i going to do this?
By paying-it-forward i.e. paying his monthly subscription for another 30-days, after the initial FREE 30-day trial period the company grants (no credit card details needed). All he requires is to have 3 referrals within this combined 60-day period to break-even, when he can now go from there. I am also going to provide him with referrals even in excess of this 3, should he require same.

He can be rest assured that the referrals i provide him will stay on because i will be extending the same support i am extending to him, to his first line of referrals (3) too. Assuming that despite this however, one or more of his referrals even opt-out, the compensation plan matrix structure being a compressed one, will automatically move up another referral under him in the hierarchy or from our arsenal of constantly joining referrals, to fill the vacant slot.

I believe this affiliate program review has shed more light on this income opportunity with a generous compensation plan.

You can view my Trafficwave Affiliate Program sales page here and possibly sign up to take up your spot as spots are limited and are already being taken up in droves.

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