A quick chip-in on the benefit of getting yourself an account rather than individual master cards of various income programs as a means of collecting your commissions/income from these various programs.

  • AlertPay is more widely recognized and patronized than these individual master cards and so you stand the chance of being able to use it to receive income from many programs at the same time rather than the individual master card of a program whose use may be limited only to that program or a few others more.
  • You can equally link most well recognized master and visa cards to your such that you can more or less indirectly disburse directly through these master and visa cards, still using your .
  • When you are just starting out in internet marketing and your income is still small, you are better off using the AlertPay Personal Starter(where you are receiving no income at all yet) or the AlertPay Personal Pro (where you have started receiving income and are operating your business in your personal name and are not a very large organization).

    In both cases, you do not get charged on a monthly basis for the maintenance of your AlertPay account unlike with credit/debit cards and only get charged in the case of the , when you receive income into your AlertPay account or in the case of the , where money received(as opposed to commissions/income), exceed $400.

    The commission charged is also quite reasonable in these cases @ 2.5% of Income Received + $0.25

    You can view all AlertPay Transaction fees here

    Note that you cannot receive commissions into an AlertPay Personal Starter account.

  • Should you however be interested at all cost in a credit/debit card, AlertPay also has its own prepaid master card which you can use, though it is still in beta and so only currently available to a select few. It should however be available to all soon.

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