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In this post, i dwell on the various means by which you can deposit into and withdraw from your .


Generally speaking, you can deposit into your AlertPay account utilizing any of the following methods :

• Bank Wire
• Bank Transfer
• Certified/Cashier’s Check
• Money Order
• AlertPay PrePaid Card

Note however that Bank Transfers can only be effected by residents of certain countries amongst which are US and Canada.

You can verify whatever specific funding option out of the above that is allowed for your country, once you are logged into your AlertPay account. At the minimum however, Bank Wire, Certified/Cashier’s Check and Money Order is acceptable for almost all countries.


* Cash
* Personal Check
* Credit/Debit Cards – Credit/Debit cards can only be used to send a payment to another AlertPay member for the purchase of products and/or services.


• Bank Wire – Withdrawals by Bank Wire are offered in the following currencies:

– US Dollars ($)
– Euro (€)
– GBP (£)

Bank wire withdrawals are not permitted in your primary currency if localized bank transfers are offered in your country. For example, a US member can only withdraw by bank wire in Euro and GBP.
• Bank Transfer
• AlertPay PrePaid Card
* Check
* Credit/Debit Cards – A charge of $5 is applicable for US$ withdrawals and minimum withdrawal allowed is $10 while maximum is $500
* Bank Wire

Here again, not everyone can utilize all the options stated above. When you log into your AlertPay account, you will be able to ascertain which of the above options your country’s residents can utilize. At the minimum however, virtually all countries’ residents can utilize both Check and credit/debit cards.

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