One major obstacle hitherto for third world country affiliates/internet marketers, has been how to fund their e-wallet. It is already apparent that is about the most third-world-friendly international payment processor and all that was needed is a fine-tuning of the various opportunities available with to achieve optimum results for the mutual benefit of and these its teeming customers.

A major step towards achieving the above was taken recently when AlertPay introduced the funding of a customers e-wallet by credit/debit cards. If it had existed hitherto, definitely it had not existed across board as it now does to all its customers. The best available across board hitherto was direct payment via credit/debit cards to programs that accepted credit/debit card payments. The limitations of this is quite obvious as many programs do not accept payment by credit/debit cards.

Direct payment by credit/debit card was itself put on hold sometime last year and is yet to be reinstated, though there are promises to this effect. The calamitous impact of this on the indicated class of internet marketers, has now however been considerably mitigated by this new introduction of funding AlertPay e-wallet by credit/debit cards.

Going down memory lane, funding AlertPay e-wallet for this class of internet marketers entailed the tedious and costly approach of “bank wire transfers” and raising of “Dollar Bank Drafts” where feasible.

Alas, a new dawn has arrived and the third world country internet marketer can painlessly transfer funds to his AlertPay e-wallet from his master or visa credit/debit card. This almost completely obviates the need for making direct payments by credit/debit cards, except in the few cases where AlertPay is still not a payment processor for a particular program. And i tell you, such programs are becoming minimal by the day, what with AlertPay turning out to be a very effective .

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