These days, maintaining an account is becoming essential as is receiving wide patronage in its use as an international payment processor by numerous businesses that hitherto used only for that purpose.

The reason for this may not be unconnected with the following:

    • Paypal’s increasing arrogance in the manner it treats its customers.
    • The realization by these businesses that they were leaving a lot of profit on the table since a number of countries nationals are disallowed from using Paypal and so even though desirous, could not purchase these businesses products/services.
    • Inflexibility of Paypal in its policies as opposed to the accomodating stance of AlertPay.

    The following highly regarded businesses for example have opened AlertPay accounts and begun to utilize the services of AlertPay either exclusively or in conjunction with Paypal.

    • Ewen Chia’s Perpetual 20
    • EasyHits4U – No. 1 Traffic Exchange
    • Strong Future International (SFI)
    • Trafficwave – Email Marketing & Autoresponder tools

    The above realization now necessitates a devotion of some blog posts to explain to interested visitors of this site, many hitherto unknown details about opening or maintaining an .

    This particular blog post is devoted to explaining the account types you can open and maintain with AlertPay.


    • This is the AlertPay account type suitable for the casual user to send and receive money from friends, family and anyone who has an email address.

      It’s easy deposit and withdrawal conditions makes it ideal for the casual user.

      The AlertPay Personal Starter account can be used for the following purposes:
      . Shop securely online
      • Send/Receive money for free
      • Monthly receiving limit of up to $400 and a cumulative lifetime receiving limit of $2000
      • Use credit card for payments. You just need to link your credit/debit card to your AlertPay account to be able to make payment to merchants who receive payment by credit/debit cards.

      To remove limits and have access to AlertPay’s Business Tools, such as “Buy Now” buttons, you must upgrade to a .

    • Personal Pro Account
      This AlertPay account type is appropriate for the individual business person who wants to take his deposits and withdrawals to a higher level. The Personal Pro account gives you access to numerous online selling tools to help you succeed on the web.

      It’s features include:
      • Low receiving fee of 2.5% + $0.25 per transaction
      • Accept Credit/Debit Card payments
      • Website Payments: Buy Now Buttons, Subscription and Recurring Payments
      • Instant Payment Notification (IPN): Real-time notification to your servers
      • Send out payments to groups of people through Mass Pay

    • This AlertPay account type is tailored for the business person who trades under a business name as it’s features will grant access to numerous online business tools to help his business grow online.

      It’s features include:
      • Conduct business under your company name
      • Low transaction fees of 2.5% + 0.25 per transaction*
      • Credit/Debit Card payments accepted
      • Manage multiple online businesses with one account
      • Various website payments options
      • Integrate AlertPay into third-party applications
      • Send out payments to groups of people through Mass Pay

      * Additional fees apply to regulated industries

    Do not be left out of the new mass movement. Open an AlertPay account today.

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