has announced that it is metamorphosising into , commencing from this month. What is this all about? Is it for better or for worse? Please read on.

The AlertPay platform is expected to transition seamlessly into Payza on May 14th, 2012. What are we to expect? Or is it just a new logo and a new name? Certainly not.

It will of course be “business as usual”

  • The same account (with your money in it)!
  • The same personal, business and financial information!
  • The same login and password!

In addition however, there will be new and improved services.

What are these new service offerings?

  • Smartphone- & mobile phone-friendly access
  • More countries and additional currencies
  • Global bank wire loads in more currencies
  • Enhanced customer support
  • A completely redesigned and easier-to-use website
  • More e-wallet loading and withdrawing options
  • And more!


What are the expectations with the new Payza?

From the horse’s mouth itself, “Payza will also be bringing online payment processing to countries that have never had access to such services as receiving convenient and affordable international payments and localized banking transactions. Under the Payza brand, existing AlertPay customers will be able to send and receive money around the world, and will now have even more options to transact globally. Payza will be directly contributing to local economic growth in underdeveloped and emerging markets by facilitating cost-competitive transactions across borders.”

This transition may perhaps have resulted from the recent merger between AlertPay and , a UK-based firm specializing in prepaid card solutions.

Why did AlertPay and MH Pillars merge?

According to AlertPay’s CEO, Firoz Patel, “We are very excited to join forces with MH Pillars, and their team of seasoned professionals. We feel that our e-wallet and payment processing capabilities coupled with MH Pillars prepaid-card expertise will form a symbiotic relationship. Working with the industry expertise of MH Pillars will help accelerate our target market penetration, along with increasing the service offerings for our current customer base.”

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