Want or need to write articles but just don’t know what to write about?

There are many different sources of inspiration for and they include the following:

=> What questions are you seeking answers to?

Many others are also probably seeking answers to them. As you get answers to these questions and learn more about them, then start revolving around these questions.

Important to insert your targeted keywords in title appropriately

=> Look through forums for very common questions and start researching about these.

You can “google” keywords in these questions and you get more than enough material to read up on.

Important to then shuffle the various information in your “brain box” and come out with an original article and not “duplicate content”

=> Use Google Keyword Tool to check for various long tail keywords for your major keywords.

Examine the highly searched for but with low competition keyword phrases and research on these to churn out articles.

The main advantage of this is that your article is optimized for the search engines as long as you also sprinkle your keyword phrases in the article content in addition to the title.

=> Visit the main article directories e.g Ezine articles and browse through the highly viewed articles in your niche.

Since many are attracted to the article titles, derive your article titles from these article titles and begin your research from “google search” and “forum search”. You have more than enough material to read up on.

Again, as highlighted above, no “duplicate content”. Shuffle gathered information around in your “brain box” and start reproducing articles.

These are a few sources of inspiration for article topics.

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