is one of the ways to get massive viral to your website, thereby getting . Compared to other means, it certainly is one of the best ways to .

Many newbies however have phobia for this marketing method. I often hear many say “I simply cannot write a good article. I am not gifted in writing”.

You do not have to know so much ab initio about a topic. All you have to do is research about it. How? Go to search engines such as Google and type in your topic phrases and you have more than enough information to read up on. Also go to various article directories and read up on your topic areas. You should in fact begin to broaden your knowledge by reading up on areas other than that you are already comfortable with. You can be sure you will apply that knowledge.

Having done the above, condense all the information gathered combined with what you already know about the topic into a beautiful article.

It is important that the content is original so you have to shuffle all the information gathered in your “brainbox” and come out with something original.

Do not forget the resource box as the purpose of is partly to provide a link to your site. Let the link be an anchor text whenever the article directory allows it. The words in the link must also be your keywords deliberately targeted to your site.

It is important to acquire the skill of article writing as it is highly effective in internet marketing and the alternative is to spend thousands of dollars in having articles ghostwritten for you should you eventually not be able to write good articles.

Some newbies in internet marketing start out by writing their life story and/or about their journey into internet marketing. While this is alright for your blog, it is not suitable as an article. An article should be informative and enlightening and should address an aspect of internet marketing.

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