Without hesitation, I recommend () as the “single” or “individual” best home based business opportunity for international members.

Note my use of the word “single” or “individual”. This is to distinct it from the “collective” best home based business opportunity which still remains the .

Let me first quickly clarify the difference between “single” or “individual” and “collective”.

By “single” or “individual”, I refer to a homebased business opportunity containing a subset of only one business opportunity which is itself while by “collective”, I refer to a homebased business opportunity which contains a subset of many other “single” or “individual” business opportunities.

Why is Strong Future International (SFI) the best home based business opportunity for International members ?

It is common knowledge that about the most common headache to most International members is their being barred from using (most commonly used ) which most trading platforms such as Ebay, Clickbank and other Internet’s leading retailers of digital products patronise.

Once excluded from Paypal therefore, the international member is indirectly excluded from dealing or being an affiliate and thus excluded from earning affiliate commisions on trading platforms of most of the Internet’s leading retailers of digital products.

Strong Future International (SFI) however provides a very robust and credible competition to these international trading platforms such as Ebay and Clickbank through its fledging international store, Triple Clicks especially now with the recent introduction of the E-Commerce Associates (ECA) Program which now takes international stores virtually to the doorstep of every member.

Join Strong Future International (SFI) here and begin to enjoy these benefits.

Note that apart from there being no restriction to international members joining this fledging international trading platform which is a robust and credible alternative to Ebay and a , payment of affiliate commisiions can be collected through various convenient means such as the ” SFI cash card” or “Triple Clicks Master Card” as it is alternatively called, which enables receipt almost within 24 hours as the lodgment in this card by the company can be utilised by the affiliate for various disbursements around the internet and even drawdown via various Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s) round the world.

Just as can be done on Ebay and Clickbank, the international member or affiliate can list his unique product for sale on this international trading platform, thereby jumping the restrictive hurdle of Paypal.

The overcome of this Paypal/Ebay/Clickbank hurdle is very significant more so if you note that most webmasters will confirm that about 60% of their income comes from sales of individual products via the Ebay/Clickbank which unfortunately most International members/affilates are deprived of.

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