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Choosing the as you is quite important.

The Webhost enables your little corner on the Internet from which you are viewed and can make or mar you as you start a home based business online.

Anyday, I would recommend Hostgator as the best web hosting service around for many reasons.

Before stating these reasons, may i make it known that there are other hosting companies around that offer a fair service but none is comparable to .

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Or from this thread, Best Web Hosting Service, which web hosting company appears most constantly recommended?

Some of the other hosting companies include GoDaddy, BlueHost, Host4Profit and NameCheap.

What distincts Hostgator from these other hosting companies?

Customer Service/ technical support – When starting a home based business online, customer service is quite important as you may be lost in many directions even starting from navigating through the website of the webhost, efficient utilisation of the website resources, general updates etc and require considerable assistance to see you through.


Timely response to questions raised is also most important and a very courteous customer service and technical staff is most desirable.

All these are available with Hostgator and only to a lesser degree at other Hosts. In fact you get to receive replies to your e-mails within 24 hours and a 24hour live customer support is also available.

Very Profitable – Undoubtedly, Hostgator has the most profitable of all which provides a good jumpstart for the new internet marketer as he starts a . The affiliate gets to earn as high as $125 per sign up he generates as shown in this COMPENSATION PLAN

Very Cheap and Affordable hosting – Hosting fees starts from $4.95/month which is about the cheapest in the industry.

Very sophisticated technology – Hostgator uses the cPanel which is the latest in the industry and gives great flexibility to the webmaster.

Quite reasonably sized – Hostgator is one of the largest Hosting companies around, hosting 2.5 million domains/websites and in this regard is perharps only second to GoDaddy. As a result, benefits of economies of scale naturally result.

Join Hostgator for as low as $0.01(one penny). You actually get to join Hostgator for as low as $0.01(one penny) for the first month if you use the coupon above.

Up time of about 99%– Your website remains visible virtually all the time with Hostgator, unlike with some webhosts where downtime is quite significant.

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