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Let me give you 3 quick tips to achieve this.

    • Page Title

      There is hardly anything more important in both for and traffic purposes than to have a carefully chosen page title.

      This becomes all the more important when the title is not just for one of your inner pages, but for your website home page.

      First of all, unlike some marketers do, it is not ideal to insert your business name here except it is coincidental that it is your major keyword. In that case, you must have previously taken the pain to choose a business name which continues to be appropriate as your main keyword.

    1. Unfortunately, when most people start their journey into internet marketing, they are not at that time informed enough to deploy their major keyword as their business name.
    2. Others who are somewhat informed and choose what they consider then as their major keyword, soon discover thereafter that that keyword seizes to be appropriate as their main keyword and so not suitable for use as their home page title.
      In whichever of the two categories above that you find yourself, just ensure that you do proper keyword research to now determine a keyword suitable to serve as your main keyword which will now be inserted as your home page title.
      What to consider in choosing your major keyword?
    1. Search volume – Of course, the keyword must be a highly searched for keyword.
    2. It must have relatively minimal competition
    3. The trend of search over the last one year or even longer must be reasonably consistent and such that assures you that it is not a search term with continuously decreasing search volume over time.

      Google trends is a free handy tool to determine this.

      Keyword Concentration
      Another key thing to consider in relation to your title is that you should make the title to consist of as few words as possible, apart from the keyword.

      The essence of this is to avoid dilution of the keyword such that the title remains highly concentrated with the keyword.

      This is easy to do for the website main page but more difficult for the inner pages or blog posts. These should just be made as brief as possible but not at the expense of a title which is clearly descriptive of the content of the page.

      Keyword Positioning
      The location of your keyword within the title is also a crucial factor. As much as possible, it should be located within the first three to four words for maximum SEO effect.

    • Meta Description
      This is another very important item to be taken into consideration for better . Try and visualize the content displayed as snippets in all search engine results and you will understand the logic behind the importance of the 3 tips identified in this article.

      Here, as much as possible, insert that same keyword which is in your title within an apt description of the major contents of your home page or indeed any other inner page as applicable.

      You must take your time to craft a really catchy description of your website home page or inner page as this is what will make the visitor want to go to your site.

      Quite a lot of marketers leave this blank and allow Google or any other search engine fill it up with whatever they choose. This is not a good idea for SEO gains as well as for traffic benefits.

    • Domain Name and Permalink
      The third important tip for better search engine placement is the domain name and permalink. Again visualize any search engine listing and you probably can guess why this is also crucial for better search engine placement.

      For most marketers, it is already late in the day for any amendment to the domain name which could have enabled better search engine placement. It is a word of caution for prospective marketers to choose a very relevant keyword as their domain name at the outset.

      However, there is something we can do to ameliorate this situation for inner pages and that is inserting the relevant keyword for the page as the permalink.

      For those using WordPress, this is simple. You just have to edit the permalink within the editing screen, removing the title of the post or page which would have been abbreviated as permalink and inserting only the exact keywords which ordinarily should be a component part of the title and using this alone as the permalink.

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