Quite often, you get to hear debates or read forum posts on the pros and cons of with .

For the purpose of this blog post, reference is to original content actually written by the webmaster as opposed to content contracted out to be written for the webmasters’ sole use.

Those in favor of blog posting wholly featuring the webmaster’s original content, marshal the following points:

  1. The webmaster has an innate satisfaction that virtually all the blog posts on his blog are written by him.
  2. The visitors to the webmaster’s blog can genuinely relate with him based on the content of his posts since he is the author and so the visitors can ask necessary questions and receive realistic answers, which may be impracticable if he was not the author.
  3. The search engines, especially Google will naturally be more pleased with such a blog and arguably will lead to increased Page Rank and/or higher position on the search engine results page (SERPs) for such blogs.
  4. If the quality of the blog posts is quite high, it is likely that it will serve as link baits with the potential of generating self-replicating backlinks and ultimately again, increase PR and SERPs of the webmaster’s blog/site, since such content is unlikely to be very rampant in the blogoshere (at least at the outset) unlike used as blog posts which may have spanned multiple generations in duplication.

The arguments against solely using original content written by the webmaster as blog posts include the following:

  1. It may be impracticable for the webmaster to keep up with the task of writing enough blog posts to give his site good rankings with the search engines and also provide enough content to satisfy the need of his visitors.
  2. There is no verifiable evidence confirming a positive correlation between using original content solely written by the webmaster on his site/blog and PageRank and search engine results page (SERPs) position. So also, there is no verifiable evidence of any negative correlation between using duplicate content on a site/blog and the site’s PageRank and search engine results page (SERPs) position.
  3. How do you distinct between original content written by the webmaster himself and that written for him by freelancers solely for his own use (assuming it has not been circulated to other webmasters/sites)?

    Since this distinction may be difficult, such original content might as well pass as original content under whatever coloration.

  4. How do webmasters who are not naturally gifted in the art of writing to cope with maintaining blogs with its numerous advantages?
  5. What of company blogs where you cannot identify any particular individual with the sole ownership of the company or where ownership is in fact divorced from management? Who will be expected to write articles/blog posts for such entities?

What is my position on blog posting with original content written by the webmaster?

I have never felt comfortable with the idea of having blog posts written by others, for my blog. In fact, amongst the entire blog posts you will find on my site, only three are guest posts and i have since resolved not to feature any more guest posts on my blog (at least that is my thought for now). I have also never contracted out article writing but have till date written all my articles posted either on this blog or on article directories, myself.

However, i am thinking that with the current expansion of my online business, perhaps what i will do is contract out some article writing to be placed on article directories (with careful supervision and vetting of the content) while retaining writing 100% of my blog posts.

At least that way, i can get the benefit of backlinks and traffic to my website from massive article marketing while retaining the originality of my site/blog content.

What are your thoughts on this interesting topic? I’ll like to hear from you.

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