Security of any blog/website is now becoming a big issue given the advent of various reports of hacking into many systems both of host providers and into the systems of individual webmasters.

The above calls for enhanced security features to forestall such occurrences. Some advised measures are described in this post

==> Footprints Of A Hacker

while an additional recommended security feature is contained in this external post

==> Change The Default WordPress Admin Username

Note that the first indicated post deals with security measures relating to your computer/system while the second indicated post deals with security as it relates to your actual website/blog. Both are important as they work together. While the former in analogy form, protects your house fence/gate, the latter protects your house door/windows.

Note that hackers do not always have to penetrate first through your computer system to access your blog/website and indeed this is quite rare. It is more common for them to access your blog/website directly through your web host’s server/system. That is why it is important for you to have a good web host with no record or at least very minimal record of hacking. One such web host is the , which i use. Such a web host will have provided the basic cover for your blog/website, which you can then further enhance.

In addition to the above recommended security measures, a regular back-up of your blog/website contents, at least once a week, if your blog/website is averagely active, is recommended. This will serve as a means to restore your content, should all efforts otherwise, become impossible.

Please take the security of your website/blog seriously, as i assure you that should you be successfully hacked, and with no back-up, you will not even know where and how to start again. All your efforts over months and years may have come to waste.

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