In the last post, i discussed about green tea’s health benefits. It was a worthy precursor for which is the subject of this post. Both perform similar function but of recent there is a craze about the wonder working nature of , which is not without a basis, hence my recommendation that you buy .

Acai berries grow on the acai palm in the Amazon rain forest of Brazil in particular and South America in general, and was further propelled to the attention of Americans in October 2008 with the Opral Winfrey aired show featuring Dr Nicholas Perricone during which he listed acai berries at the top of the top 10 “super foods” that promote anti-aging and optimum health.

Acai berries has recently experienced a huge surge in popularity as a weight loss and health supplement. Though the weight loss miracle claim may somewhat be exaggerated, there is no doubting the immense health benefit of this wonder fruit as it (acai berries) is known for having a high concentration of vitamins and minerals and high antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory properties that can improve blood circulation and skin tone.

Acai berries like other berries also contain a lot of fibre which is a significant factor in keeping your heart healthy and your cholesterol low.

Due to its quick spoilage rate you will rarely find natural acai berry outside of Brazil; the closest to the natural fruit you can purchase would be a puree. Acai products also include juice (fruit juice mixes most commonly) and pure supplements in pills, capsules or powders.

While the berry is too fragile to be exported, the juice and pulp can be exported or processed into a dry powder. Here however, one has to be very careful of the sources from which one buys acai berries as it is a fairly common practice in the nutritional supplement industry to add water to acai powder and charge up to $40-$50 for a single bottle of acai juice.

Another thing to be careful of if exploring other buying channels is the additives which some producers add such as sugar and caffeine which can be quite damaging to health.

Where to ?

I recommend you buy acai berries here or buy acai berries fruit (Solaray) here.

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