Sometimes, you get to hear this saying : “Can’t run



MSCONFIG is an acronymn for “Microsoft System Configuration Utility”. This is a multi-purpose tool, whose popular use amongst others, is to identify “StartUp” programs on your computer system. These start up programs play a significant role in slowing down the starting up of your computer system and where critically overloaded, can even lead to a “hanging” or a “crash” of your computer system.

What does all these have to do with an Internet Marketer? Re-collect a major tool of the Internet marketer is his computer system and as explained in previous posts, an internet marketer who does not have at least a basic knowledge of his working tools will have a hard time succeeding. At best, he will have to rely on freelancers whose availability may not suit his required timing and whose cost may dig a big “hole” in the internet marketer’s pocket.

I for example am not a computer geek but ensure i update myself with any information necessary for my effective performance as an internet marketer. I do not go into unnecessary depth in my knowledge-acquisition regarding these tools etc but rather, gather enough to be functional.

Now back to MSCONFIG.

Running MSCONFIG normally

To identify “StartUp” items with “MSCONFIG”, what is required is to click on “Start” and then “Run” on your computer system. On the pop-up that shoots up below, you insert “MSCONFIG”, which is not case-sensitive and click “O.K”

Another pop-up with details as shown above, shoots out. This is the popular “”Microsoft System Configuration Utility” – MSCONFIG.

Note however, that if you have not altered MSCONFIG before, “Normal Startup” is “pre-selected” and all items under “Selective startup” are “ticked”, while under the “Startup” tab, all items are “checked”.

That should indicate to you that i have altered the MSCONFIG of my computer system whose images i show above and below, to prevent some programs from starting up with my system.


There are a number of tabs but i concentrate on “Startup” for our purpose in this article. All you have to do is peruse the list of programs that run in the background as soon as you start your computer system, with a view to identifying those that are actually necessary and eliminating or at least preventing those you consider unnecessary, from starting up with your computer system. You do this simply by un-checking those programs you consider unnecessary and then clicking “O.k”. It then requests whether you wish to “exit without re-starting” or “Re-starting Immediately”. To have the changes you have made take effect, you must eventually “Re-start”.

Alternate tool to run MSCONFIG

Now, supposing MSCONFIG is missing from your system files as it happened to me suddenly or as popularly expressed, “Can’t run msconfig”. That is where the script i give you a link to below, comes in quite handy. It does not repair the registry entries to ensure you can then run msconfig normally, but it provides a solution to run msconfig through alternate means, which as far as i am concerned, serves my purpose.

==> Alternate tool to run msconfig

Again, this is a small-sized download which is quite useful.

I leave rectifying the registry entries to run msconfig normally, to the computer geeks 🙂