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Welcome To SFI! – Your Initial Roadmap And All About SFI Versapoints


You just joined SFI? or you have joined for a while but just cannot get your bearing right?

Well, first of all, Welcome To SFI!

I will advise that it is best you start out by quickly going through as much literature on the SFI website as you can, to give you a feel of the business.

You can start out with Read More

Empowerism – International Success Mentoring – Rest In Peace (RIP) ! : Lessons To Learn

It came as a rude shock to me when i learnt of the “demise” of Empowerism. I felt sorry for its promoter, Janet Wilson, who i know has put in a lot of effort towards the success of this hitherto widely popular and highly rated internet home business. Indeed it is a case of how the mighty are fallen. I know Janet Wilson will be going through a lot of emotional torment and i bet the physical loss to her may in her estimation come no where near the emotional trauma she will be going through.

There are many lessons for all to learn from this development.Read More

Pricebenders Penny Auction Strategy : Multiple Times Winner Reveals

BUY “Strategies To Win Pricebenders Penny Auctions At Least Cost” For $9.75 HERE NOW!

pricebenders penny auction strategy

Why the need for strategies to win Pricebenders’ penny auction bids?

Winning Pricebenders’ penny auction bids is not luck. A lot has to do with careful planning and research before the auction starts as well as adhering to pre-planned rules and procedures during the auction. In short, it involves skill acquisition.

What qualifies me to write this report?

You may wonder what makes me qualified to write this report. Well, you may not know but i am a multiple times winner of Tripleclicks Pricebenders penny auctions.Read More

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Strong Future International (SFI) : Making Payments From Nigeria


network marketing opportunity

A number of Nigerian SFI Affiliates have asked me couple of times how they can make payment for purchases from Strong Future International (SFI)’s Tripleclicks store, given that credit cards from Nigeria is not acceptable to SFI.

A couple of methods are available for this purpose which will be indicated to you on Tripleclicks website, at the point of “checkout”, after selecting your desired items. Amongst them, over time, the ones i have found most suitable are stated below in order of preference.
Read More

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Strong Future International (SFI) Introduces The DAILY GRAND

Strong Future International (SFI)

Strong Future International (SFI), the leading network marketing opportunity online has just this 1st day of January, 2012 introduced “The DAILY GRAND”.

What is “The DAILY GRAND”?

Read More

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