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Sometimes, you get to hear this saying : “Can’t run MSCONFIG”



MSCONFIG is an acronymn for “Microsoft System Configuration Utility”. This is a multi-purpose tool, whose popular use amongst others, is to identify “StartUp” programs on your computer system. These start up programs play a significant role in slowing down the starting up of your computer system and where critically overloaded, can even lead to a “hanging” or a “crash” of your computer system.

What does all these have to do with an Internet Marketer? Read More

Adding HTML Editor Application To Your Computer System

I indicated in my last post that i will let you in, to an easy way to add your favorite html editor to the list of html editors in your computer system and i am now making good my promise.Read More

Changing Default File Opening Or Editing Application From Within Filezilla

Any experienced internet marketer will have realized that it is important to acquire some technical skill (even if working knowledge) to be able to get by in internet marketing. You need to know at least basic html, be able to use basic tools and generally be a wide or better still, voracious reader, at least as it relates to internet marketing.

The very unpleasant consequence otherwise, is to be at the mercy of consultants/freelancers who will have a field day charging and often over-charging you. Not only that, quite often it is inconvenient, as you often need to get some tasks done quite urgently and cannot afford the time-delay involved in seeking outside assistance for the relatively simpler technical tasks.

This article concentrates on one of such milder? tasks – changing the default file opening or editing application from within FilezillaRead More

SEO-Friendly Browser Toolbars And Add-ons I Cannot Do Without

As an internet marketer, some browser toolbars and add-ons are so essential that i cannot do without them. A number of times i have had to re-format my computer system and have convinced myself i cannot do without them as they become noticeably missing even when i am initially very briefly unconscious of their absence. I just get to discover i require their use and it nudges me to the reality of their absence.

All the four toolbars/add-ons/extension stated below require you to have downloaded and installed the Firefox web browser. Why would you not be using Firefox at any rate if you are into Internet marketing, as it is the most SEO-friendly web browser.Read More

Shorten Urls, Share Files And Track Visits

You quite often need to shorten, share and track your links.

  • Reasons To Shorten Url’s
  1. When you social book mark for example on twitter, you need short url’s for it to be contained within the character space allocated by Twitter. You will then have some space left to contain a short description which is quite important to let your readers know what your link is about.
  2. Also, as an affiliate to many affiliate programs, it is sometimes expedient to conceal affiliate links as some prospects get turned off when they notice, they are being sold an affiliate offer.
  3. It often happens that affiliate commissions are stolen through the ability to know affiliate IDs. as revealed through affiliate links.
  4. Sometimes, even without space restrictions, unduly long affiliate links just don’t look appealing and you wish to conceal these long links and instead replace them with short appealing url’s.
  5. Sometimes, when links become too long, they often get broken.

For the above reasons and many more, you often have to use url shorteners.

  • Top references for url shorteners

Read More

Google Keyword Research Tool : How To Use It

Keyword research is the very foundation of any search engine optimization campaign. Get it right and your SEO campaign stands a reasonable chance of success. Get it wrong and no matter what you do later on, the SEO campaign is already a failure. It is akin to the computer parlance “Garbage in, garbage out”

There are many keyword research tools. Some are FREE tools while others are PAID tools.

Of the FREE keyword research tools, the very prominent are Google Keyword Research Tool and Wordtracker. Wordtracker also has an upgrade PAID version.

Talking of PAID keyword research tools, one can mention Read More

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