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Best Article Directories Lists : So Often Very Misleading And Of Low Standard

So very often, we come across lists of best article directories and assume all is well with these lists and simply go ahead to use them in our article marketing campaigns.

A lot is often wrong with these lists and it can lead to wrong decisions being taken such as misplacing our priorities in article submissions. The implication is of course a sub-optimal performance of our websites with consequent negative effect on our bottom line (profit).

The genesis of this problem lies in
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Residual Income Opportunities – Perpetual 20, Trafficwave And GDI : A Comparison Of Initial Profitability

residual income opportunitiesresidual income opportunity

One major factor which often leads to failure of most newbie affiliate marketers with residual income opportunities, is the inability to carry out a thorough comparative analysis of the profitability of affiliate opportunities as determined by relevant factors with greater emphasis on the compensation plans of these affiliate opportunities.

Where such analysis is carried out, it is usually on a cursory basis with wrong decisions eventually being taken. Remember the popular computer parlance, “Garbage In, Garbage Out”

To be done correctly, any analysis should comprise 2 major factors.

  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Other non-quantitative and sometimes subjective factors.

I carry out below an analysis of the compensation plans of 3 popular residual income opportunities basically as it applies to the first year of entry of the affiliate.Read More

Incoming search terms:

GDI .WS Domains Now Available In The Open Market

I can recollect that when Global Domains International (GDI) was first launched many years ago, the GDI .WS domains was not available in the open market. You could only get the domains if you were going to participate in the business opportunity, the total cost(including domain) of which amounted to $10/month.

Of recent, i checked two popular domain registrars : GoDaddy and NameCheap and found the GDI .WS domains listed amongst available domains.

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Starting Your Own Small Business Online With GDI

Global Domains International (GDI) is one of the best homebased business opportunities around, having done so well within a short period of time.

Click => to Start a home based business online with GDI Now!

What is Global Domains International (GDI)?
GDI is the abbreviation for Global Domains International and is a company based in Carlsbad, USA which is mainly involved in domain name registration and hosting, and it is an Income opportunity in its own right. It’s affiliates, apart from owning domain names with the WS label (as opposed to COM) and hosting their websites with the company, are also involved in marketing the domain name WS to prospects, for a commission. It is one of the homebased business opportunities that anyone trying to start a home based business online will want to look at.Read More

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