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Payza : Withdraw Funds By Bank Wire Now Available For Most Countries

Great News! It certainly is a new dawn again at Payza (former AlertPay) following the recent introduction of Bank Wire as a means of withdrawing funds from your Payza E-Wallet. Hitherto, it was great stress identifying a possible source of withdrawal of your funds from your Payza E-Wallet.

Few countries are however still left out of this new positive development and they include:Read More

Website/Blog Security : Pro-active Measures To Adopt

Security of any blog/website is now becoming a big issue given the advent of various reports of hacking into many systems both of host providers and into the systems of individual webmasters.

The above calls for enhanced security features to forestall such occurrences. Some advised measures are described in this post Read More

www Prefix Or No Prefix To Your Domain Name : The Need For Consistency


Quite often, one notices that many newbie internet marketers alternate haphazardly between the use or otherwise, of the prefix www before their domain name, when building backlinks to their web pages without really appreciating the necessity for consistency in the utilization of a particular choice.Read More

Google Adsense Revenue : Kickstart It With Section Targeting

Google Adsense revenue is one of the most sought after revenue types online.

What usually poses a challenge to most marketers however, is how to achieve a significant revenue as opposed to trickles on and off.
Read More

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