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www Prefix Or No Prefix To Your Domain Name : The Need For Consistency


Quite often, one notices that many newbie internet marketers alternate haphazardly between the use or otherwise, of the prefix www before their domain name, when building backlinks to their web pages without really appreciating the necessity for consistency in the utilization of a particular choice.Read More

Improve PageRank With Blog Commenting : Get Highly Productive Results By Commenting On CommentLuv Enabled Sites

We all know that blog commenting is one way by which we can get backlinks pointing to our web pages/sites and thereby rank higher on the search engine result pages (SERPs). It will also help improve PageRank of our web pages.

There are many approaches to going about getting these backlinks through blog commenting.

An approach i recommend and which i highlighted in the blog post

==> DoFollow Blog Commenting Tips

is to identify keywordluv and comment luv sites and comment on these blogs.

They are

  • usually comment-friendly
  • most are dofollow too
  • You get to be credited with 2 backlinks per comment for commentluv sites

    This is because apart from the usual backlink associated with the “Name” field, there is also a bonus backlink at the bottom of your comment pointing to your most recent blog post.

    This pre-supposes that your site is also registered as a commentluv enabled site.

In this blog post, i am more particular about the commentluv sites and have provided below 3 resources where you can get these commentluv enabled sites and comment away. But remember, no spamming. Read the posts and comment reasonably.

=> CommentLuv Blogs

==> CommentLuv Enabled Blog List

With the third resource, you have to be a subscriber to the list of Andy Bailey, the originator of CommentLuv. You will then be able to access the “Comment Luv Enabled Blog Search” where you can on a real-time basis identify sites that are commentluv enabled, using your desired keywords/keyword phrases.

You can simply go to the web page below and subscribe to gain access

==> Comment Luv Enabled Blog Search

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You can leave a comment below, picking up one or two dofollow backlinks in the process, as the case may be, since this blog is dofollow and has keywordluv and commentluv plugins enabled.

Do not forget to share this post with your friends and followers. Remember sharing is caring! ****

DoFollow Blog Commenting Tips


I wrote an article outlining some blog commenting tips especially as it relates to dofollow blogs, sometime last year.

It received wide acceptance and was published on Site Pro News and some other notable websites.
Read More

Keyword Matching Options : The Rationale For Competition Determination Based On “Exact” And Not “Broad” Matches

A recurring area of confusion to many internet marketers is, utilization of keyword matching options.

Why use “exact” keyword terms to judge your competition for ranking purposes in the search engine result pages (SERPs) when the search engine user will type in your keywords as a “broad” term i.e. without quotes and results will be presented as such?

The answer simply lies in Read More

Google Search Listing : Reporting A Problem

We all know that Google is a search giant and can imagine the large number of search customers it would have. Nevertheless, i feel a customer of any of a company’s services deserve to have a fairly reliable channel of communication with the company in case of complaints.

This does not seem to be the case with Google for its search customers in view of the answer given by Matt Cutts, a Google engineer who often acts as “official” Google spokesman on many issues.

Listen to Matt Cutts on this issue.
Read More

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