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Content Is King – Is This Always True?

The saying “Content Is King” is very popular but the question that arises is, is this always true?

To me, that saying should not be taken verbatim as it could be misleading.

  1. It could seem to imply that any content including junk can be king.
  2. It could derogate from the importance of backlinks.

My conclusion therefore is that the term should more aptly be “Quality Content That Generates Backlinks(aka link bait) Is King”
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Targeted Keywords : Critical Factors To Consider

In picking targeted keywords to use for various purposes such as in articles, on blog posts, in sales copies etc i have noticed that most people only take the search volume and competing websites (absolute number) into consideration in deciding whether to rank for these keywords or not.

Let me quickly digress and draw your attention to this important and useful information. You will notice i have not included pay per click amongst the purposes listed above.

This is because in this case, in a sense, amongst the two factors listed above, only search volume is important in determining targeted keywords since as long as you are willing to pay the required PPC price to rank at the top, your site will get the desired customers to view it.

On the other hand, competing websites (absolute number) is important to consider even for pay per click (ppc) since anyone who is rational will wish to pay the minimum amount to rank highest, which will be enhanced by identifying the relatively uncompetitive keyword phrases which will command relatively lower ppc prices to rank highest.

Now away from the digression. While these two factors: search volume and competing websites (absolute number) are important in determining targeted keywords, they are not sufficient as the only factors to take into consideration.

In this article, i will identify two more factors that are of utmost importance in determining keywords to rank for.Read More

Increase Traffic To Website, Using Inner Pages

So many internet marketers are oblivious of the fact that a good way to increase traffic to website is by utilizing their inner pages. It goes further to enhance the “average” pagerank of your website.

It is also not only a good way to increase traffic to website but it is also a good way to enhance your website’s conversion rate.

How do i mean?
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Google XML Sitemap : New Posts Indexed While Old Posts Are Not


I crave your indulgence to use this post to solve a personal problem. However, it may still be of use to others who may also learn from the steps i already have taken and am continuing to deploy to solve this problem.

About a month ago, i switched my blog url from not using the www. prefix to using it, in trying to harmonise my blog with my website which uses the www prefix.

This created it’s problem as most of my blog posts disappeared from google index. The implication?, drop in traffic. Previously, virtually all my blog posts were indexed by google.Read More

How Search Engines Work

Search Engines, especially Google have evolved technologically (amongst other parameters) over the years. The computing power of the software and hardware now deployed by the search giant can better be assessed in terms of the functions it performs and its wide reach.

    • How Search Engines Work
  • Broadly speaking, search engines’ functions can be divided into three:Read More

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