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SFI Affiliates – Maximizing You...

Tweet When/If the SFI Affiliate is not yet earning much in SFI, it may be ideal to minimize his expenses by for example limiting the amount of financial institution charges he pays out.

New SFI Versapoints Expiration Policy...

Tweet With the recent introduction of a new Versapoints expiration policy, SFI has more or less indicated that “old is no more golden” with it.

How To Make Money With SFI

Tweet JOIN SFI HERE NOW! Simply put, To make money from SFI, you need to do three basic things: 1. Sponsor Affiliates into the SFI Business Opportunity 2. Directly refer members/purchasers into Tripleclicks which is the E-commerce store of SFI whose products SFI Affiliates also end up marketing, as one way of making money from […]

How To Succeed With SFI

Tweet JOIN SFI HERE NOW! Most new entrants into SFI(Strong Future International), get stuck on completing the tasks that give them “FREE” versapoints and are lost as to the way forward. Below is a reply i sent to a downline member of mine in response to his email. It is reproduced here as it is […]

Welcome To SFI! – Your Initial ...

Tweet SFI BASICS You just joined SFI? or you have joined for a while but just cannot get your bearing right? Well, first of all, Welcome To SFI! I will advise that it is best you start out by quickly going through as much literature on the SFI website as you can, to give you […]

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