Any experienced internet marketer will have realized that it is important to acquire some technical skill (even if working knowledge) to be able to get by in internet marketing. You need to know at least basic html, be able to use basic tools and generally be a wide or better still, voracious reader, at least as it relates to internet marketing.

The very unpleasant consequence otherwise, is to be at the mercy of consultants/freelancers who will have a field day charging and often over-charging you. Not only that, quite often it is inconvenient, as you often need to get some tasks done quite urgently and cannot afford the time-delay involved in seeking outside assistance for the relatively simpler technical tasks.

This article concentrates on one of such milder? tasks – changing the default file opening or editing application from within

Filezilla, as most already know, is a widely used tool for uploading and downloading files, to your host server – from your computer system and from your host server – to your computer system, respectively. It has other features but movement to and fro of files seems to be the most basic and most widely utilized feature.

Ordinarily, Filezilla automatically utilizes the default file opening or editing application in your computer system and a change in the html editor within your computer system will automatically result in a change in the html editor in Filezilla installed on your hard drive.

Supposing however that you want to effect a change in the you use in Filezilla, independent of that on your computer system i.e. to a custom html editor.

Alternatively, think of another scenario which actually happened to me. I re-installed a “new” Microsoft Windows XP program on my computer system which i later discovered had “notepad” missing. On trying to use Filezilla to edit an html file, i received an error message that there was no default html editor in my computer system and so Filezilla had no html editor to use. It was easy enough to insert a custom html editor which i downloaded and installed on my computer system but a problem occurred which led me to discovering how to independently effect a change in the default html editor from within Filezilla.

The problem arose due to the fact that i had not yet had the new html editor i installed, listed in my computer system as an html editor (I will address an easy way to do this in my next post). The problem was that i erroneously entered a wrong path to the newly installed html editing application in Filezilla (to a folder of the application rather than to the executable file – .exe). I needed to correct this but the html editor i inserted in Filezilla could not be “controlled” from “Programs – HTML editor” in my computer “Internet Options”, as no html editor had been listed there as at then. Changing the html editor from within Filezilla was therefore the only option available and it became a nightmare to get this done.

How then did i get round to effecting a change in the now custom html editor from within Filezilla?

Simple! 🙂

  • Click on “Edit” on the top menu of Filezilla.
  • Then click on “Settings” within the Edit drop-down tab
    This presents a display of Filezilla as shown below
  • Click on “File Types” under “Transfers” in the left hand side of Filezilla, which results into the display below.
  • Check that the file type you want to edit is listed e.g .txt, html etc. If not listed, add it to the list with the “Add” button.
  • Click on “File Editing” lower down on the left side of Filezilla which results into the display below and you can then either insert the path to the executable file of the file type you want or browse to the executable file.
  • Click O.K and you are done.

As you can see from the image above, i currently have Notepad++ inserted as my html editor.