• Are you aware that affiliate commissions are sometimes stolen by virtue of the fact that your affiliate link becomes known to third parties in the process of you advertising with these links?

    If you are not aware, then you better be and be on guard so that your efforts is not frittered away into the hands of unscrupulous elements who seek to reap where they did not sow.

    A good solution to these problem is to cloak your links so that they do not become visible to third parties.

  • in addition makes your advert look more professional and appealing to those who are usually put off by the usually unwieldy and long affiliate links. Some, on knowing that these links are affiliate links, will not buy a product or subscribe through these links.
  • Another complementary benefit you get to derive from cloaking services is the tracking of clicks to the ads you put out, as this is crucial to determining the effectiveness of your ad so that you do not continue to mis-allocate scarce resources of time and money.

    The post indicated below is useful in this regard, as it identifies various cloaking and tracking services you can utilize for this purpose.

    ==> Shorten Urls, Share Files And Track Visits

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