The saying “” is very popular but the question that arises is, is this always true?

To me, that saying should not be taken verbatim as it could be misleading.

  1. It could seem to imply that any content including junk can be king.
  2. It could derogate from the importance of backlinks.

My conclusion therefore is that the term should more aptly be “Quality Content That Generates Backlinks(aka link bait) Is King”

Now, the popular saying “Content Is King” derives from the thinking that a lot of content will always rank with or without backlinking.

I agree with this to an extent in that any website with a lot of content(whether junk or otherwise) will rank. The issue however is whether it will rank for “lucrative” keyword phrases and its intended keyword phrases.

It will rank for a lot of unintended keywords no doubt, due to its share volume but those keywords may turn out meaningless and may not draw a targeted traffic relevant to the webmaster’s niche and so conversions may be poor.

On the other hand, exceptionally good content will rank and draw highly targeted relevant to the webmaster’s niche for the following reasons.

  1. A lot of other webmasters will backlink to the content complementing the backlinking efforts of the originating webmaster. This, like the backlinks created by the originating webmaster is first generation backlinks.
  2. Especially if the article or blog post is syndicated, a lot of other webmasters will pick up the article and post on their websites with the originating webmaster’s links intact. They then will begin to generate other set of backlinks to that duplicated content on their own site to gain traffic and even backlinks to their own site.

    This creates a second generation of backlinks to the originating webmaster’s site which can be very powerful. This second generation of backlinks is usually not very visible since there is no tool such as Yahoo Site Explorer through which these can be quantified. It thus works silently and behind the scenes to prop up the originaing webmaster’s original content in the (SERP’s)

On the contrary, junk content is dead in the waters as a means of getting targeted website traffic relevant to the webmaster’s niche and viral backlinks and hence is certainly not king.

All in all, it should be clear that backlinks still plays a key role, in that quality content must still attract backlinks to rank.

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