It is absolutely certain that content and good content for that matter is absolutely necessary for the success of any blog.

But does that translate into confirming the popular saying that “”?

The use of images i would say is almost equally as important as good content on any blog/website

Images liven or brighten up a blog post or the sidebar of a blog which otherwise would have been dull or drab to say the least. Such pages without images will not attract or retain visitors as they soon get bored and click away.


Images convey unwritten information sometimes even more effectively than words would.

Just like text links, images can be clicked to take the reader to another webpage containing a sales pitch or a short splash page where further desired information can be passed to enable the reader make a sound purchasing decision.

By for example enlarging the size of an image, image can be emphasize over words/content such that it attracts the attention of the visitor and ultimately takes him to the webmasters desired destination.

Another way to emphasize images over words is to use specific images which would attract attention. Some images for example contain animations which almost jump at the reader and clearly attract his attention. Others have very bright and inviting colors which also serve a similar purpose.

Any attempt to embolden words/content to serve the same purpose of emphasis on the other hand will be interpreted as “screaming” and offensive and so undesirable.

Can we then safely say that content is king?

In summary, i would advise a balance of the two, that is both content and images, to achieve the best possible result.

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