To those who know the power of tools and the for achieving various internet marketing objectives e.g. getting traffic to your website, selling products to a waiting audience/market, making income from joint ventures etc., they understand the importance of aligning with a market leader in the and autoresponder business.

There is no doubt that the two market leaders in this industry are and .

A lot of experienced internet marketers will be surprised that there still exist many internet marketers who do not currently have an account with either of these market leaders. Their surprise naturally will arise from the fact that they know the extreme importance or necessity? of the they provide. They are also conversant with the apt saying that “The money is in the list”.

Perhaps it was understandable not to have an account with either of these companies hitherto when you needed to make a monthly payment irrespective of the account type you operated with them.

Then it could be reasoned that if you are just starting out in internet marketing, you may not have acquired enough knowledge and experience to effectively utilize the email marketing tools made available. It could also be argued that at that stage, most internet marketing newbies are usually very skeptical to spend any money, having not yet started to make any money in return.

That is no longer the case, at least with GetResponse that i am very conversant with. GetResponse has now made a beautiful provision to cater for new entrants into internet marketing by allowing you to utilize its facilities “FREE Of Charge” until you have a subscriber base of 100 irrespective of how long it takes you to attain that level.

This is a wonderful provision in that it enables the newbie internet marketer to learn the skills while cutting his teeth, at no cost. You thus can learn how to effectively utilize the email marketing tools and autoresponder made available while gradually acquiring internet marketing knowledge and experience and practically putting your acquired knowledge into use on the tools, all for FREE.

When you are now confident that you can consistently build a list and so your email marketing tools and autoresponder use will start being economical, you can now upgrade even on a scaled basis.

And I tell you, using the email marketing tools and autoresponder is not as easy as you would think. It requires a thorough study and use for a reasonable length of time for you to become proficient in it otherwise you will just be leaving a lot of features unused and to your disadvantage. By implication, you will be leaving a lot of money on the table.

You know that if you do not know a feature exists or its use, you do not and cannot know you are missing anything until you become aware.

To experienced internet marketers, 100 is a very small figure but i tell you that to a new entrant into internet marketing, this is a gigantic task to accomplish. You discover that so many internet marketing entrants would have spent a year in internet marketing without a list of 100.

Would it therefore not have been better for them to have used that one year having an account with say GetResponse and learning the ropes of internet marketing and how to use the email marketing tools and autoresponder and actually practicalizing its usage all for FREE?

Please be wise and waste no further time in signing up here FREE with GetResponse

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