It came as a rude shock to me when i learnt of the “demise” of . I felt sorry for its promoter, Janet Wilson, who i know has put in a lot of effort towards the success of this hitherto widely popular and highly rated . Indeed it is a case of how the mighty are fallen. I know Janet Wilson will be going through a lot of emotional torment and i bet the physical loss to her may in her estimation come no where near the emotional trauma she will be going through.

There are many lessons for all to learn from this development.

Lessons For Promoters

Business Model

To promoters of online home businesses, it is time to re-think the business models they operate and make hay whilst the sun still shines. A stitch in time they say saves nine. In my humble opinion, the business model of Empowerism was unsustainable. It clearly lacked highly necessary products and concentrated on churning out products that had very widepread competition. It needed to be very outstanding to succeed.

Perhaps in a less austere economic environment, Empowerism would still have been surviving till today, but in the present cut-throat economic condition of the world economy, there is clearly no room, at least in the long term, for “managing” online home businesses.

It shows that it is apparently more important to have a strong and sustainable business model rather than a strong and highly knowledgeable personality at the helm of affairs of any internet home business. By any yardstick, Janet Wilson is obviously highly qualified to run any home business. She possesses the knowledge, the experience, the passion and all what it takes, but the weak and unsustainable business model of Empowerism failed her and has more or less rubbished her efforts.

On the other hand, you have some online home businesses whose promoters are not participatory enough in their own home businesses, not nearly as knowledgeable, experienced, committed etc as Janet Wilson of Empowerism but whose home businesses are still trudging on, though not as efficiently as they should. What has sustainsed their internet home businesses so far, is their relatively stronger business models.

Of the many internet home businesses around, i always highly admire the Strong Future Internatiional () model which is clearly sustainable and indeed meets the aspiration of its society. It has so many products up for sale and so many affiliates all over the world always trying to effect sale of these products. If one product is not performing, another is obviously doing so. If some affiliates are not performing, so many others are.

Gery Carson has also developed a superb manner of appropriating a portion of his profits to his affiliates. i.e. by pre-determining an earmarked profit/profit percentage for distribution, by matching the earmarked profit/profit percentage (Commission Volume) for distribution, to versa points, which again is tied to all income generating actions of the (SFI) affiliates.

For those who do not understand what this is all about, it is a perfect method first of all of ensuring SFI stays within the limit of its earmarked profit for distribution (Commission Volume) and so always remain in profit. That is, affiliates can only share in what they generate. Shrewd business man approach you will say .i.e. no largesse, no Father Christmas approach. It however does keep the business afloat.

It is also a mechanism to appropriate this earmarked profit/profit percentage amongst all income generating actions.

Perhaps most important of all, it is a mechanism to influence affiliates actions/inactions through an inherent rewards/punishment system.

Gery Carson is also visionary enough to recognize the limitation of relying only on American and European products and widely excels in my estimation by incorporating the now popular E-Commerce Associates (ECA) program through which products of virtually all countries can be listed for sale on the Strong Future International/ Market. Thereby, sales can take place on SFI/ whilst still actually effected within any country’s border without any need for shipment. This, though still in its infancy, is indeed a great plus.

As the slogan goes, SFI is indeed a REAL business, selling REAL products.

Review And Tweak

Another lesson for promoters of online home businesses to learn, is to always review and tweak their internet home businesses, as necessary. Without any bias, this is where i once again commend Gery Carson of Strong Future International who is so closely in touch with his online home business and always tweaking in search of the usually elusive perfection.

Lessons For Affiliates

What lessons are there for affiliates and budding internet marketers to learn?

Do not put all your eggs in one basket

I have heard some say that “Put all your eggs in one basket and guard it jealously” You know why this is a foolish man’s proposition? Because often, as in the case of Empowerism, the affiliate is not fully in control. Even if you are a super affiliate such as Ewen Chia, your individual effort is not sufficient to prevent Empowerism from going down the drain. Perhaps the collective effort of all affiliates in being super affiliates like Ewen Chia could have prevented this. But often, it even goes beyond this. As highlighted above, it also requires an appropriate business model, the competence, credibility and passion of management and promoters. factors the affiliate is clearly not in control of.

The proponents of multiple streams of income, thus , clearly do have a point here.

Not all that glitters is Gold

I know that i was shocked by the demise of Empowerism and i am equally sure many others are. Does it cross your mind that for some online home businesses, their demise will not be so shocking? Why do you think this is so for Empowerism? Apparently because, until very lately, it continued to glitter. All about it radiated success and the image of its promoter, Janet Wilson, also loomed almost larger than life over Empowerism. It simply with all that, can never be imagined by the inexperienced(in deciphering), to portray any semblance of failure. But for the experienced(in deciphering), it actually did.

I will therefore advise, that as they say in local parlance, “Shine Your Eyes”.

Do not leave a large balance of accumulated commissions

It is prudent practice to regularly drawdown on your commissions account with any affiliate program, such that at any time you do not leave behind more than an amount you can afford to loose.

As the undertakers take over, come along with me to this warrior forum thread and view the comments of many internet marketers on this sad development of the demise of Empowerism.

==> What’s happen to Empowerism Int.

May the gentle soul of Empowerism rest in peace.

“Lord now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace…”

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