All hail the arrival of “ Send button”. seem to have delivered this innovation as an Easter Monday present, having been released to the public on Easter Monday, 25th April, 2011.

What Is “”?

This is a novel button designed to allow members of Facebook share items(content, pictures etc) on sites which have, this button installed, to a select individual or groups of individuals. In this case, sharing becomes more private and selective.

The individual/s you want to send the items to, does not have to be a member of Facebook for this button to be of use.

Compare With “

Recollect that Facebook had earlier last year rolled out the “Facebook Like Button”. This was to enable facebook members share items(content, pictures etc) on sites they visit, to members of Facebook who are on their friends list.

In this case, you could not make a private selection of one or a few friends to share the items with but rather was compelled to share with all your facebook friends, whether you think the item will be suitable for some of them or not.

Also, you could not share the item(content, pictures etc) with outsiders i.e. those who are not your friends on facebook and those other friends of yours who do not have a facebook account.

How Do You Use This “Facebook Send Button”?

All you have to do is click on the “Send button” whose logo is shown above and a small interface will open up, right under the “Facebook Send button” containing details as shown below for a particular page on this blog:

Once you place your cursor on the “To” field, the pictures of 5 of your friends whom you last communicated with, will show up and you can select any one of them to send the item(content, pictures etc) to.

You fill in the lower space, “Message”, any accompanying message you will like to be delivered to your friend.

The item will appear as a message in the friend’s facebook account and a copy message sent, will appear in your own facebook account.

You could also send the item to a select “Group” on your facebook account. This perhaps will encourage the forming of groups so that you can send items with a single click to all members of the group rather than individually, as you would send to friends.

Alternatively, you can insert a person’s email address in the “To” field, even if the person is not a member of facebook and send the item(content, pictures etc) to him/her, which she will receive in her email inbox, with a link to the item sent.

How Do You Install The “Facebook Send Button” On Your Site

What you have to do is visit this web page

=> Send Button – Facebook Developers

to generate a code which you then embed on the web page you want to have the “facebook send button”, at the location you want the button to appear.

Once you obtain this code, you do not have to subsequently keep generating a new code for other web pages but rather just need to insert each page’s url in the space provided on the code.

The generated code for this particular web page for example, is shown below.

<script src=”″></script><fb:send href=”” font=”verdana”></fb:send>

You can choose to have this “facebook send button” installed as a stand-alone button or inserted right beside the “facebook like button”, in which case, another code type has to be generated.

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