Quite often, a lot of relatively new internet marketers think they are on for their targeted only to discover they were literally in dream land.

There are two quick ways to actually be sure you are truly on first page google for your targeted keywords or .

  1. Before you check your position for your targeted keywords or keyword phrases, ensure you are signed out of your gmail account.

    If however, you are already signed into your gmail account and are checking your keyword position, then in addition to signing out of your gmail account, you need to clear your cache and refresh your browser.

    If still showing an erroneous information, better to completely clear cookies, files and browsing history, close your internet connection and reconnect.

  2. The second method requires you to access google.com through a proxy server such as free proxy server

    When you are on the free proxy server site, you insert google.com in the search box at the top of the web page and press enter or click “GO!”.

    You will thereby be taken to the google.com website where you can then search whether your keywords or keyword phrases are indeed on first page google.

Better to always use either of these two methods to confirm the true position of your keywords so that your ecstacy is not shortlived and subsequently turned into sadness.

This way, you will be sure from the outset whether you are indeed on google front page for your targeted keywords or keyword phrases.

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