By Danny Ma


Traffic is very important to a website. Traffic equals money, if you know how to get traffic then you are likely to make great profit from it.

These are some tips to get without spending a penny.

1. View the blogs that are in your niches and leave comments on them. This is a good method to get targeted traffic and get the , which is good for SEO.

2. To write articles or posts about how things work. People are interested in how to guides.

3. If you use blogs and you have a new post, use the ping service.

4. Every time when you write a post or article, put the Digg badge and other badges to your article. If someone like your article, they will dig your article and you have a chance to get from Digg.

5. Sometimes, write something controversial can bring you traffic because people have different ideas. But I don’t recommend this.

6. Using social bookmarking sites like Digg and Stumbleupon. I have more success with Digg.

7. Title is very important, especially when you’re using social bookmarking site. A good title can bring you more digs and traffic. Some examples of good titles are 10 tips to do a thing or why you should do a thing or how to guides.

8. Write articles and then submit to EzineaArticles. Remember to include your keywords in the title. In the resource box, remember to include your link.

9. Squidoo lenses are another good way to get traffic. Apply SEO techniques to the lenses, you will rank well in search engines and get a good traffic

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