You first have to determine the approach you decide to adopt to generate web site , with each approach having its cost and benefit.

It is a trade off between either spending some money to get fast result or spending nothing or very little to get results at a slower pace, all other factors(variables) like time available to devote, held constant.

“You cannot have your cake and want to eat it at the same time”

Fast Way To
If for example you want relatively fast result, i advice a quick thorough study of adwords which if expertly deployed will produce fast results. However, note that you have to have a good understanding of this as you can easily burst $$$ otherwise.

Even with this, for sustainable success at cheap rate, you have to consistently apply , blogging, forum posting etc.

You can then deploy funds towards article marketing software for example, if you want to generate web site traffic faster.

Relatively Slower Way To Generate Web Site Traffic
The alternative is to start with article marketing, blogging, forum posting etc and make relatively slower but eventually sustainable progress.

The advantage of this is that you can get by with spending little or nothing to generate web site traffic.

Whichever option you decide to adopt to generate web site traffic, i see no way round article marketing, blogging, forum posting etc, if you are going to be in internet marketing for the long haul.

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