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I mean it… Get *REALLY* mad!

Get MAD anytime you have to do something that you

don’t really want to do (like going to work FOR

SOMEBODY ELSE early in the morning)…

Get MAD for all the times you’ve wanted to buy

something nice for yourself, go on a vacation, take the

day off, or (insert your desires here) but couldn’t

afford it…

Get MAD if you’ve ever worried when the stock market

goes down…

Get MAD if there has ever been an opportunity to

improve your life or the life of people you love, but

you couldn’t take advantage of it because of time or

financial limitations…

Get MAD if what you *REALLY* wish you could do in this

life isn’t happening YET…

Why I’m a telling you to get mad? Don’t all the

self-help materials tell you to keep a positive

attitude… things will “work out”???

Guess what… THEY’RE WRONG!

*Before* you jump in and ride positive attitude parade,

you need to get red-hot, ***boiling*** MAD about the

way things are RIGHT NOW… It’s only when you GET

MAD, get fed up and get really pissed off with the way

things have been or the way things are now that you

will take the ACTION necessary to change your current

situation and make it into something better.

We are creatures driven by two desires only:

1) The desire to gain pleasure.

2) The desire to avoid pain.

And the latter is stronger than the former. We are much

more motivated to *avoid pain* than to gain pleasure.

Yes, we are all driven by the carrot and the stick, but

fear of the stick will get the average person moving a

lot faster than a salad at the end of a hard days


Why do you *really* go to work every day? Is it because

your pursuing your passion and some grandiose goals? I

truly hope so! But most people get up and go to work

because they FEAR losing their job and ending up

homeless on the side of the streets begging for KFC

leftovers to get them through the night… The desire

to avoid this horrific pain is EXTREMELY motivational,

isn’t it?! USE IT!!!

Don’t fight against the forces that govern your very

existence… pleasure and pain. Use them wisely to your

benefit. If you know that pain motivates you, MAKE


change your current circumstances. It’s OK to use your

imagination here.

Think about what would happen if you got fired and

couldn’t find another job for the next 6 months… How

freaked out would you get then? Feel that.

Think about what would happen if you simply did nothing

different for the rest of your life and continued to

live the “status quo”, do-what’s-expected-of-you

lifestyle that’s got you this far, and left many of

your most sacred dreams and ambitions on the table. How

painful will it be to be on your deathbed knowing that

you never even tried to do what your heart was telling

you that you *really* wanted to do in this life? Feel


Think about what not having enough time or money is NOT

ALLOWING you to do that you really, really, really,

really wish you could do (insert all the things that

are important to you but seem out of reach right now

here)… Feel that.




….. and then RIGHT NOW, before the feeling fades away

or is numbed out of existence by your favorite

television show or alcoholic beverage, MAKE A DECISION

to change. That’s all it takes. As soon as you decide

that you’ve HAD ENOUGH with the mediocrity you’ve

accepted up to this point, the world shifts on it’s

axis and will present you with new ways to think, new

ways to act, new ways to LIVE.

Big doors swing on small hinges and the hinges that

open the doors of opportunity are always the DECISIONS

we make about what we will and what we won’t settle

for in our life. If you allow yourself to get MAD

ENOUGH, the “settling point” for what you can and

will receive in your life will be raised and you will

experience a better future… a future more closely

aligned with WHAT YOU WERE BORN TO DO here on Earth.


as you start creating your life on your terms the way

you always hoped it would be… and it can my friend –

it really, truly can!

When I *GOT MAD*, I decided to find better way to make

my living contrary to what my parents and society at

large told me was possible… I’m so glad I did

because now I’m living my dream life and helping

others live theirs. Read my story at:


To Your Happiness!

Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy


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