So many newbies complain of being led into various “”, only to get in to discover it is not as rosy as that.

My comment to the above will be in two parts.

Firstly, I think people ultimately always end up getting what they deserve.

Prospects can always confirm that not all programs are “get rich quick schemes”

Whilst still on the lookout for programs to respond to however, prospects actually do come across “honest” sites but click away from such sites very fast since it “leveled” with them that it would involve some work and time.

Even where prospects see “money-making site setup FREE within 24 hours” on the Plug-In Profit Site, because their inner mind wants money within 24 hours, what they actually end up believing to have seen is “money within 24 hours” rather than “a money-making site delivered within 24 hours”.

A lot of webmasters have thus come to realise that the vast majority of entrants into are looking for “ schemes”, therefore advertise as such in a bid to just get subscribers at all cost.

I am not holding brief for such “get money quick schemes”, but only saying the prospects are equally to blame.

I get to hear for example that the subscribers’ generation rate of some autoresponder companies is too slow and so a lot of people shy away from using them. Meanwhile, when such people end up getting “fake” leads/subscribers very fast from other sources, they equally complain. You really “cannot have your cake and eat it”.

Some people would rather gather a list into multiple thousands with very low quality/conversions subsequently, rather than take the time to gather quality leads even though they should have known the implication from the outset.

Others, even still using good quality companies to generate subscribers, will place very sensational ads all in a bid to attract subscribers at all cost, only to end up with thousands of low quality subscribers list. They also ought to have known the implication of their actions from the outset.

All these arise from the “get money quick” mentality.

Meanwhile, it should be realized that webmasters have different levels of ethical standards individually and so such “playing to the gallery” by some webmasters should not come as a surprise.

Even where the program is difficult to go through, some webmasters/uplines having a sense of commitment, will do all in their power to assist their subscribers to achieve success while others will not.

In summary, it is incumbent on the prospect to identify the webmaster who is being honest and be prepared to accept the honesty and face reality. Until this happens on a large scale, such “get rich quick schemes” will hold sway.

On the other hand (second part), some people (though few) do actually start making sales and profit quite early with these “get money quick schemes” in concurence with the advertisement displayed. This does depend on many variables amongst which are

-previous experience in /online business
-level of education/general knowledge
-time available to devote to the home based web business
-funds available to help jumpstart the home based web business
-availability and quality of mentor or upline.

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