The assumption in trying to get your articles on well established sites (Web 2.0 properties) and high ranking article directories to rank for their targeted keywords/keyword phrases is simply that on reading your article on these sites, the reader will click over to your site and you will thereby .

Note that your site is where you have your adverts and other monetization in place which can earn you money. Hence if your assumption above is faulty , you might as well be wasting your time.

You know what? I have found out that in most cases that assumption is misplaced. Even where you have high views of your articles on article directories, this does not automatically translate to high conversion of visitors from these directories to your website.

You simply do not get traffic to your site as anticipated, at least not in the volume expected.

If you browse through forums you will discover that a lot of internet marketers complain that despite their article marketing campaigns, they have not seen significant traffic to their website in compensation. Some claim their articles are ranking high on search engines and yet visitors(except in trickles) stop short of visiting their website, only terminating their visit at the article directories.

You now get to hear a lot of consolatory answers trying to explain away the reasons for their “misfortune” by giving answers such as:

  • The resource box was not properly crafted.
  • You did not include an enticing bonus to lure the reader to visit your site.
  • While Title was catchy enough to lure the readers to the article directory, the content must have been a mismatch for the title or not informative or entertaining enough to retain the reader’s interest.

My dear internet marketer, i tell you, only a small fraction of internet marketers are gifted or skilled in properly crafting their articles(title, content and resource box) to actually lure readers to click on the link in their resource box, in such volume as is required to be meaningful.

The alternative is to write indefinitely large volume of articles with the hope that a small percentage conversion of this large volume of articles will become equally significant.

There are a few, no doubt who achieve reasonable conversions with a relatively lower volume of articles. I say this because i have seen evidence in terms of visitor statistics in a few cases which connotes a carefully planned and successful strategy of visitor conversions in view of the consistency and volume of conversions. However, the mass majority do not fall into this category.

Do you now see why you should begin to review your approach?

Let me state here that i am not advocating a shift away from article marketing and guest posting on web 2.0 properties. These are useful for backlinks and sometimes traffic too.

All i am saying is that the emphasis on () work should be on posts/articles on your own blog rather than on that on these other sites.

Compare managing to get 100 visitors to your article in an article directory and converting at 5% i.e 5 visitors to your site, with getting only 20 visitors DIRECTLY to your website. Which do you think is going to be more beneficial?

I tell you, conversion rate of visitors from article directories to the webmasters site for most marketers is even much lower.

Note that if you change your approach, all your effort will be directed at marketing your website as opposed to marketing your very many different articles on different article directories.

Granted, given the authority of these high ranking directories and web 2.0 properties, you need to do less /SEO work to see traffic, but to where? – to the article directories!.

Also, you have articles scattered across many of these article directories and web 2.0 properties that it becomes impractical to do SEO work on most and even where you can, there is no assurance of high conversions back to your website which is the overall aim of posting the articles in the first place.

I therefore emphasize that the earlier you start backlinking to your articles and posts on your own site rather than to your articles on these other sites, the better. Concentrate your SEO efforts on your own site! Moreso, you will gradually be building up the “authority” of your own website. Take a long term view of your business and do the needful which will ultimately enhance your ability to get traffic to your site.

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