It is established that commenting on other websites is a good strategy to in large volume which will :

=> enhance your site’s page rank

=> position your site for receiving traffic.

It enhances a site’s traffic in two ways :

1. The original traffic you receive through the backlink positioned on other websites.

2. The increased traffic from enhanced page rank which results from getting backlinks in large volume by positioning your site’s links on other websites.

This propels the position of your site higher on the search engine results pages (SERP’s), thereby raising traffic volume to your sites.

To achieve the above objectives, the webmaster goes about commenting on other webmasters’ sites such as other personal/business blogs, online magazines and various forums.

I am finding out these days that commenting on forums and online magazines is turning out more worthwhile than commenting on personal/business blogs.


Simply because of the following reasons:

=> Comment moderation :

I discover that comment moderation on high pr personal/business blogs is stricter than on online magazines and is even almost non-existent or at best minimal on forums.

This assures that the webmasters’ efforts in preparing his comment is not wasted as on most high pr personal/business blogs where such comments are often rejected.

The impact of this is often not apparent to the commenting webmasters as they practically cannot keep verifying that all the comments they make on high pr personal/business blogs are ultimately approved.

=> Voluminous Articles/Content to peruse before commenting :

I have observed that quite often, the articles you find on blogs are more voluminous than those on online magazines, not to talk of the short questions on forums.

This is partly due to the fact that most webmasters do not churn out original articles but rely on PLR articles which usually comply with the acceptable standard of between 400 – 1000 words.

The proper personal/business blog should ordinarily comprise of the webmasters’ views on a number of home business techniques and events, breaking news regarding his niche etc and not only conventional articles strictly.

But because of the limitation of most webmasters to personally keep updating their blogs with such information, hence the heavy reliance on such PLR articles, virtually solely.

You therefore discover that you waste a lot of time reading and digesting these articles to be able to make meaningful comment.

Given that time is a limited resource especially to the internet marketer who has to contend with a lot of competing information sometimes resulting into information overload, he hardly can afford the luxury of wasting any second but must optimally utilize this scarce resource (time)

=> Attribute:

No doubt, the webmaster benefits more from commenting on “do follow” sites and you discover that most reputable high pr forums are “do follow” unlike most personal/business blogs which are preset to “” and left as such in most cases.

As online magazines are few unlike personal/business blogs, with the installation of an SEO tool, one can easily sieve out the “do follow” online magazines from the “no follow” ones.

=> “Do Follow” subsequently changing to “No Follow” :

I quite often get to see that a lot of personal/business blogs and even sometimes very reputable large sites, start out as “do follow” in a bid to get traffic but as soon as they become stable and prosperous and can afford to jettison some of their customers, they turn over to “no follow”.

See an example mentioned at this forum thread =>

The implication of this is that the efforts of those who comment become more or less wasted as the links they placed on such blog sites can no longer be followed by most bots (especially Google) thereby making it useless from an SEO point of view.

This hardly happens with most forums, as you discover that they stay consistent. The same can also be said of most online magazines which are either “do follow” or “no follow” and remain consistently so.

In conclusion, in getting backlinks through commenting on sites/blogs, the webmaster should carefully identify sites that offer him the best return for his time, as it were.

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