A lot of internet marketers complain about the strictness of Google in their program and i must confess i equally felt so too at a time. They were beginning to get on the nerves of many people with their “efficiency” and seemed to be saying they knew it all.

A lot has happened since i too felt that way that has now made me make a complete U-Turn and now proclaim : Marketing Is It!

There is this adage that says (literally interpreting it) – “If you do not visit another person’s father’s farm, you will think your father’s farm is the biggest”

I have now traversed and utilized other pay per click and similar programs and can now safely conclude that none comes near Google Adwords Marketing in totality.

From my experience, the nearest in comparison is but it still considerably lacks many features that can rank it any where near Google Adwords Marketing.

  • For example, unlike Google where if you get everything right, your campaign can be activated within minutes, with Yahoo Search Marketing it can take a few days for your campaign to be activated.
  • There is a limit to the localization you can insert into your campaign settings with Yahoo Search Marketing unlike Google Adwords Marketing where you can considerably localize your campaign settings.
  • The interface of Adwords is quite sophisticated and the results is provided with in depth analysis such as you can not get with any other such service.
  • The quality of traffic from Bing (now inclusive of Yahoo Search Marketing) is suspect, as i had occasion to visit the source of traffic to my website from Bing, utilizing my website statistics data (statcounter), only to discover the website with a “high sounding name” was virtually non-existent.
  • The most unimaginable is that you may not be able to access your account with some pay per click companies, as it happened to me for upwards of six months with Yahoo Search Marketing. All my efforts to get to access my account yielded no positive result. Following correspondence back and forth, i just “chilled” after receiving their last correspondence which i quote hereunder. I cannot imagine such with Google Adwords Marketing.

    Re: Case #235953312
    Tuesday, 5 October, 2010 18:54
    “”Yahoo! Search Marketing””
    View contact details
    Oct 5 2010 10:48 PT

    Dear Dele,

    We’re sorry that you have been having problems staying logged into your account and we apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused you.

    The issue you stated is likely due to your network router configuration. Our system currently does not support multi-LAN (or “Load-Balancing”) routers that use more than one internet connection to access the internet. Our systems treats it as a potential security risk since these routers alter your computer’s IP address dynamically.

    Please contact your IT administrator and request that they provide a static path to marketingsolutions.yahoo.com or login and manage your account from a network that does not utilize a “load-balancing” router. If you continue to experience the issue after trying the above, please reply back to the e-mail and we will investigate the matter further.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assistance. Thank you for choosing Yahoo! Search Marketing!


    Karen Chen
    Customer Solutions
    Yahoo! Search Marketing

  • When you move around, you get to see. I decided to explore the new ExactSeek.com featured listing. What with their catchy phrase “Forget Google AdWords – Pay $3/Month NOT $3/Click”. With all the hype, it is a complete fiasco!

    To confirm that i am not alone in this belief, another webmaster who has equally tried it out and is apparently mad with them and who is now ranking no. 1 on Google search for the search term “exactseek placement” wrote a damaging blog post on the program as revealed below

    => Exact Seek – Beware

    Even though my placement was for the keyword phrase “STARTING AN ONLINE BUSINESS”, the few referrals i got from the program came in under very weird search terms such as “casino online”, “online backup”, “online psychic”, “gambling online”, “online car insurance”, “online videos”, “online survey”, “online”, “online sport betting”, “online tax filing”, “online banking”, “free online movies”, “online radio”, “business credit”, “online shops”, “online obituaries”, “money online”, – apparently “the most targeted traffic” you would say. Not a single one came in via any keyword phrase with the slightest similarity to my targeted keyword phrase. Whether this was in fact human traffic or spam bots at work, is better left to your imagination.

    Exactseek must however have credited its customers with so low an intelligence level as not to be able to decipher between fake and real. Also, they have apparently not taken into consideration the fact that there are highly educated, knowledgeable and experienced individuals who are highly skilled in research and analysis even more than those in their employment.

    In summary , beware of fraud clicks from most of the other pay per click or similar companies.

With all the above, perhaps i now get to understand why Google can afford to be that strict or is it cocky with their Google Adwords Marketing program. Apparently, Google has no credible competition and it is in its interest to keep it that way. That perhaps is because it has done its homework well and continue to maintain quality and it deserves to be acclaimed for that.

My advise therefore to internet marketers is that for now, do not toy with your Google Adwords Marketing account as to get banned. It may be the most expensive pay per click program and Google may be very strict almost to the point of annoyance, but i tell you, until there is a credible alternative, Google can afford to remain so and we really have no choice.

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