Quite often, many things considered basic by experienced internet marketers is really not known or understood by newbie internet marketers and sometimes, even by relatively experienced internet marketers. Finding is one of them

I say this because even i myself never knew how to go about doing this for quite a while. I know for a fact given discussion at related forums that quite often, a lot of people are also always in the dark.

Now, Google indexed pages can be required in two ways.

  1. After publishing a post on your blog, you may want to confirm whether that web page has been indexed by Google.

    Note here however that the speed of indexing your web page by Google will depend on many factors amongst which are the number and quality of backlinks pointing to your site, the frequency of updating your site/blog etc and all can be subsumed in the level of “authority” of your website.

  2. You may want to know the total number of google indexed pages and a list of these specific pages on your blog or website.

Now, how do you go about confirming these google indexed pages?

— Regarding No. 1, what you have to do to get this specifically, is simply to insert the following in the search box of your browser i.e
info:web page url

This is not to be enclosed in braces and must either be with the prefix www. or otherwise, depending on which, your site actually uses. To do otherwise will not give you the desired result. You may or you may not include the http prefix as that is of no consequence. There should also be no space before and after the colon (:) in between the info and www. otherwise it will give you a different outcome.

I give an illustration with an actual web page from my blog. The web page url is


Note that i include the www. prefix because my site uses the prefix.

When i insert info:url into my browser’s search box and click on search or press enter on my keyboard, it produces the following :

You will see that it generates only one entry which is the google indexed page.

Where you erroneously insert www. if it should not be there or vice versa, it will return with a result as shown below which is the same outcome it will show if the web page is not indexed by Google.

— Regarding No. 2, you could want to find google indexed pages of only your blog or of both your blog and website combined.

This is easily done where you have uploaded your blog to your website’s domain. All you have to do is insert the following, in your browser’s search box

site:blog url


site:website url

The former will generate a list of google indexed pages of your blog while the latter will generate a list of google indexed pages for your entire site.

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