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What is Google Instant?

Google Instant is an additional or enhanced search feature which shows search suggestions as you type.

Hitherto, you had to type your search query to the end and press the return key to get search results.

With this enhanced search feature, you are literally guided by these suggestions as you type and you do not have to press the return key as search results appear as you type and changes accordingly as you proceed until you reach your final search destination, when the search results remain permanent.

Google aspires to reduce the time spent during the search process and thus gives this as one of the reasons for and benefits of this enhanced search feature. A study of time spent during the search process had in fact confirmed this thinking.

A further confirmation is that the time spent in reading is much shorter than in typing such that search users can glance much faster at the search suggestions and utilize them at greater speed than they would, had they had to type search terms to the end.

Quite contrary to Google’s thinking of enhanced speed resulting from the introduction of this feature, i will not be surprised if for a large number of people, speed is even reduced as they pause to consider the various suggestions offered by this enhanced feature.

Does this have an impact on ?

While many analysts think it does have an impact on , Google does not think so.

To many analysts, it signals the beginning of the end of optimizing for long-tail keywords or phrases and the boost of single keyword terms.

To these analysts, it also symbolizes a support to certain established brands whose brand names are now expected to be suggested by Google Instant as soon as certain single or few letters are typed into the search box.

For those averse to change, Google Instant at least for now, is optional and you can turn off this enhanced feature either by clicking a link on the right of the search box to that effect or by visiting the preferences page.

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