We all know that Google is a search giant and can imagine the large number of search customers it would have. Nevertheless, i feel a customer of any of a company’s services deserve to have a fairly reliable channel of communication with the company in case of complaints.

This does not seem to be the case with Google for its search customers in view of the answer given by Matt Cutts, a Google engineer who often acts as “official” Google spokesman on many issues.

Listen to Matt Cutts on this issue.

Perhaps it would be expecting too much of Google in this respect since it does not even have a good record of response to customers complaints even on Google Adwords where customers even pay Google for advertising their sites not to mention a more or less free service such as Google search.

I would have thought that Google will utilize more often, its direct response system by making its support team more responsive to the needs of its customers rather than rely on utilizing the webmaster help forum which may not provide a speedy response and cannot be held responsible for the views expressed, as Google’s direct response system.

One does understand that the direct response system (direct support) must be the last resort if valuable employee time must not be wasted in answering frivolous questions but it should be a listed option such that where all other support avenues such as forum, frequently asked questions or knowledge base etc fail to solve the customers question, this avenue can be exploited.

Look at this example of corporate responsibility and care. Read this comment inserted by Hostgator in its support portal:

Your comments help us keep the knowledge base updated. This is not a medium for support. If you have questions or need help, please contact us via email, phone or live chat for fast assistance.

And true to type, Hostgator does respond pretty fast to support questions(within the day in most cases) and yet it also has a fairly large clientele to cope with.

Perhaps what we are seeing with Google is one of the defects of a near monopoly situation since if Google had many effective competitors breathing down its neck, it would take customer satisfaction more seriously.

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