I crave your indulgence to use this post to solve a personal problem. However, it may still be of use to others who may also learn from the steps i already have taken and am continuing to deploy to solve this problem.

About a month ago, i switched my blog url from not using the www. prefix to using it, in trying to harmonise my blog with my website which uses the www prefix.

This created it’s problem as most of my blog posts disappeared from google index. The implication?, drop in traffic. Previously, virtually all my blog posts were indexed by google.

You will find details in this forum threads where i tried to brainstorm with others towards solving this problem.

1. New Posts Indexed While Old Posts Are Not

2. New Posts Indexed While Old Posts Are Not

I am now going a step further to insert my sitemap url in this blog post in a bid to get the old blog posts re-indexed since my new blog posts get speedily indexed.


Hope you now understand the genesis of this blog post.

I am still thinking however that it may be because there is no material change in the content of the old blog posts that google is not prodded to re-index the old blog posts.

I’ll be glad to hear what your thoughts are on this.

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