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In a , the travails of the are quite numerous.

There are broadly speaking, four types of and the first, second and third groups are luckier than the fourth group.

The first group comprises of affiliates from “developed” countries which just happen not to be the home base of the .

This group significantly do not have much problems except for inability to benefit from some of the programs’ coupons which apply to products and services that it is only practicable to buy or consume in the home base of the top affiliate programs.

Since most of the top affiliate programs originate from the United States (US), some Chinese, Japanese and even sometimes European countries, can sometimes be in the first category highlighted above.

Quite often they are already “naturally” sieved from purchasing some products or services only by virtue of their location.

They quite often go for downloadable products such as softwares and e-books rather than physical products that involve shipping with its attendant costs and complexities.

The situation turns around for United States (US) residents in few cases when they become international affiliates for few top affiliate programs with their home base outside the United States.

The second group comprises of international affiliates from “less developed” or “third world countries” but who are still luckier than those in the fourth category by virtue of the favourable perception they receive from the international community.

This includes affiliates from countries such as South Africa and some other African and Asian countries.

Though they also quite often have to make do with downloadable products such as e-books, softwares etc and are often unable to benefit from discount coupons which are mostly practically applicable in the home base of the top affiliate programs and its environs.

They are often excluded from some affiliate programs by virtue of their location and “status” as you often get to see that some programs are reserved for “only US and Canada citizens”. At least they still can quite reasonably participate in most top affiliate programs.

The third category comprises the non-english speaking international affiliates who apart from the difficulty of overcoming the language barrier are sometimes “naturally” excluded from some top affiliate programs by virtue of their inability to understand and communicate in english.

They however also still significantly get to be accepted as affiliate marketers to the top affiliate programs as long as they can cope with the rigours of overcoming the language barrier. Some large programs have even gone ahead to make translations of some significant areas to major international languages for the benefit of this category of international affiliates. Nowadays, there are also various translation softwares which ease their challenges.

The fourth and last category comprises the international affiliates from some “developing” or “third world countries” who have a bad perception from the international community.

For this category, “the camel can pass through the needle’s eye, than they can go through successfully as international affiliates”

Their travails start with the same common travails of other groups stated above but theirs is further accentuated by their outright ban from some lucrative top affiliate programs. They also do not have access to Paypal, the most widely accepted international payment processor online, which happens to be the exclusive processor of choice to most e-commerce market places such as ClickBank, Ebay, Amazon which also happen to be the market place for most lucrative affiliate products on the web.

The impact of this on such international affiliates can only be best imagined especially when one notes that most affiliates make at least 60% of their sales and profit from these source(s).

Some of the international affiliates in this category got what they deserve while the mass majority who are innocent however, are playing biblical Jesus by carrying the cross of the others, most unfortunately.

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