In this post, i discuss how to , primarily for beginners. More advanced marketers can however still learn some few things from the article. I also centre the money making capabilities round your website/blog.

Let us dive straight in.


    This relates to placement of adverts which more or less blend with the content of your website/blog such that its relevance makes it likely that visitors to your site will click on these ads. A very popular example is Google Adsense.

    When any visitor to your site clicks on these ads, he is taken to the website of the advertiser, while you become due for a certain amount per click.

    The upside to this form of revenue is that you have a second chance to make some revenue from your site visitor, where he does not find other monetizing on your site attractive to him.

    The downside however is that you may end up loosing your site visitors to more attractive offers from your competitors. Meanwhile, the amount you stand to gain per click is usually pittance in comparison with the revenue from the main offers you are likely to have on your website.

  2. Affiliate Marketing Revenue

    Afflliate Marketing is a business model whereby you the affiliate represents your principal as an agent who brings buyers through various links, banners etc you have placed on some/many websites, to him(principal) and thereby are paid a commission( a percentage of the sales value) as your compensation.

    This business model does not require you to maintain stock of the items you help to sell nor to be involved in the sales delivery administration processes. This is usually handled by the principal.

    The income from this source is usually much larger than that from contextual advertising revenue and in fact the income from contextual advertising revenue partly derives from affiliate marketing, since a number of these affiliates advertise through pay per click which is a major source of contextual adverts.

  3. Direct Advertisement Revenue

    In this case, you as the webmaster, makes a direct offer of advertising space to interested parties and you can usually charge much higher than if the space was used for contextual advertising.

    Some things however have to be in place for this to be a practical reality. For example, you need to have been in online business for quite sometime and have gathered “goodwill” enough for other sites to consider your site worthy enough to place their adverts on.

    Usually, a key factor in this regard is site traffic statistics which need to be reasonably high enough to convince your likely customers that their adverts will likely receive clicks on your website.

  4. Direct Sales Of Products/Services

    This is another way to make money online. However, the other avenues indicated above should have hitherto been explored and the marketer should sufficiently be experienced to successfully utilize this means.

    This is a more costly approach but if successful, turns out more profitable than as an affiliate marketer in that you get to keep all the profit.

    You must have a high demand product or service to sell and possess the skill or be willing to pay experts to help you develop and market the product.

  5. Premium Membership Revenues

    Again, here you must have been in online business for quite sometime and be experienced enough to have a site membership that will have so much value that your site visitors will be willing to pay for it. It must be packed full of membership benefits probably in the form of training materials etc.

  6. Donations

    If not properly done, this means may amount to begging which is not desirable and may make your site loose value. However, if professionally crafted and your site delivers so much value, your site visitors may be inclined to click on the “call to action” button to make a donation to your worthy course which is indirectly helping them out and which they realize is naturally costing you to provide to them and since they desire a continuation of same, may oblige.

    A way to do this may be to place a “wish list” on your site and your customers may be more inclined to make direct purchases of your requirements for you than make cash donations.

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