What if i told you that about the best strategy to EVENTUALLY is to be prepared not to make any or much money for the first six months of your entry into internet marketing if you have ample time at your disposal or in fact one year if you are into internet marketing on a part-time basis. What would be your response?

I am nuts you would say? Or this is mundane? Trite?

Qualify it with whatever you will, just hear me out. I will tell you my basis for arriving at this conclusion.

Firstly, to make any money from internet marketing, you have to still be in the business for as long as is required to start making money. If you come in with a mindset of internet business being a “get rich quick scheme”, you are likely to be frustrated out within months when you do not start getting your much sought after $$$. With you out of the way, can you earn a farthing from internet marketing? Obviously not.

You see, it is common knowledge that only about 5% of those who venture into internet marketing eventually succeed. You have a lot of “wanderers” into internet marketing who eventually “race” out when they have in fact ironically “burnt” their savings of $$$ in the quest for making $$$ from internet marketing.

The major reason for this is the mindset they came in with.

Internet marketing is not child’s play and requires some and experience. You need to take some consistent actions and utilize some tools as explained in Internet Marketing Success

You also need to see the results of your actions manifested by way of increased Page Rank when like the biblical quotation “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other things shall be added unto you”, all income sources shall begin to open up for you.

All these take time and you might as well relax with the belief that you are in training for that length of time while getting your acts together. It is a delay well worth it in the end.

Using this approach, you will have enough time to go the route of (SEO), carefully researching, analyzing and digesting all information thereon that come your way as it is the most eventually sustainable path to relatively which your site needs to see results.

Also using this approach, you will not be in a hurry to spend $$$ all in a bid to quickly begin to earn $$$. Rather you will suspend the use of your credit card except for tools and resources direly necessary for your training and concentrate on learning, learning and more learning in the interim, acquiring the much needed experience and building up the “authority” of your website and blog.

Were a lot of internet marketing newbies to heed the advice in this post, what a conservation of $$$ they would have and a lack of frustration to boot.

But Shhhh! Do not let the internet marketing Guru’s know i told you this or how else will they make their own $$$ but from the ignorance of internet marketing newbies?

Seriously, to make money online eventually, please do not discard my humble recommendation of adjusting your mindset as you venture into internet marketing as this usually is the bane of most budding .

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