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Simply put, To make money from , you need to do three basic things:

1. Sponsor Affiliates into the SFI Business Opportunity

2. Directly refer members/purchasers into Tripleclicks which is the E-commerce store of SFI whose products SFI Affiliates also end up marketing, as one way of making money from SFI

3. Duplicate – This refers to teaching your downline(sponsored and co-sponsored affiliates) to do the same things you do to achieve success with SFI. You earn income of 45% of commission volume(CV) from your directly sponsored affiliate and Tripleclicks member’s purchases/sales of Tripleclicks products while you earn 15% on that of your Co-sponsored Affiliate. Once sponsored or referred, every such affiliate remains your sponsored or co-sponsored affiliate for life and you earn from their purchases/sales, for life.

You need to achieve at least EA(Executive Affiliate status) to make any significant money with SFI. To do this, you need at least 1500 versa points which makes you an EA for that month. Versapoints can be acquired by doing the actions stated in your “to-do-list tab” on your “SFI homepage” Most people maintain a standing order on Tripleclicks products which gives them a minimum of these 1500 versa points each month. This post on my blog is instructive on this
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However, maintaining EA level principally enables you to earn some shares of income from the “Tripleclicks Executive Pool”, where 40% of all the commission volume(CV) on all Tripleclicks Sales is allocated to. That is to say you can still earn income from sales and purchases of your sponsored and co-sponsored affiliates without being an Executive Affiliate (EA).For more detailed explanation on versapoints, commission volume, see this post on my blog
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A fresh marketer will find it difficult to directly market SFI/Tripleclicks products i.e refer Tripleclicks members/purchasers, than it is to sponsor new affilates into SFI which itself is also not that easy for a newbie internet marketer. Nevertheless, within SFI literature, you will find the following methods documented, to sponsor affiliates
==> Sponsoring Affiliates
Also, you will find the following methods documented, to Refer New Tripleclicks Members.
==> Refer New Tripleclicks Members

ProProfit-SFI Coop

Having said the above, my recommendation for a fresher is to “Coop it”. Just find the best “coop” and buy a share of signups. Genuine coops are run by highly experienced internet marketers who pool together resources from others to buy large and thereby economical advertising to get signups/affiliates. SFI runs its own coop called “S-Builder” but from current results, i will not advise this as the returns seems low in terms of signups received for your investment. It also does not guarantee a certain number of signups for your investment. The number of signups you get depends on many factors which includes, the season etc. The signups also comes in in trickles.

I will rather recommend the “ProProfit coop” which you can access by doing an “Advanced Search” which you find a link to at the top, right hand side of your Tripleclicks website. Just insert “ProProfit’ into the “ECA name contains” box and under “Listing Type”, tick ECA and click “GO” at the bottom. This takes you to the ProProfit website. This coop gives a minimum number of signups as guarantee and performs very fast. A caveat however, it is also a gamble to an extent as to the quality of signups you get. Sometimes, you can be lucky to get good quality signups while at other times, you are not that lucky. It is an averaging of your efforts over time that achieves the objective. Your own effort at also motivating and training the new affiliates you become their sponsor thereby will also make a lot of difference. By the way, i became your sponsor through my investment in this coop and you can see me doing “duplication” by imparting some useful information to you. Also, getting one or two active affiliates out of ten is good enough. If they make progress, you get to earn consistent residual income which within a short time (months) covers your investment on all ten. Any income therefrom thereafter now becomes profit which can end up being perpetual. You therefore do not have to be bothered by a large chunk being inactive, once you have done your best to motivate and train them and they are unyielding.

One by-product of this and indeed any other such coop that delivers even large orders fast, is that it is a list-building tool. You now have the ability to accumulate an email list thereby, into an autoresponder, that you can subsequently make other offers to. In short, this is another way to indirectly recoup the investment you made on the coop.

In summary, the SFI business builds up over time and not in a hurry. You begin to see progress by taking massive, diversified, consistent action.

Hope the above has been somewhat helpful.