Once you are convinced you are in Internet Marketing for the long haul, my advise is for you to immediately start maintaining a personal blog/website.

Why do i say this?

This is your personal internet real estate. It will begin to accumulate value based on the SEO work you begin to do to it. In a couple of years, your blog/website could be worth millions of dollars, if you choose to sell off or earn you hundreds of dollars on a residual basis if you choose to keep maintaining it.

My advise therefore is that you maintain your blog/website on a platform as against a platform. This is the most popular and flexible platform worldwide as of date.

What is the difference?

With a platform, while FREE, you are subjecting yourself and your future to the control of wordpress, as it is hosting your blog/website and can dictate rules such as advertising extent etc. In short, “the rug can be pulled from under your feet” at anytime.

With however, though you have to pay about $4.95 – $50 monthly depending on the hosting package you choose, you are hosting your blog/website with an hosting company of your choice and have full control of your blog/website. You feature whatever you want on it, how you want it and can switch hosts whenever you want. Just remember to do regular backups and whenever you grow large/successful enough, begin to maintain backups externally(outside your hosting provider facilities).

Whichever business opportunity you decide to switch to or add on, the blog/website remains available for your utilization for that purpose.

Just remember the two important actions you need to be taking on the blog regularly to gradually increase its value.

1. Write or outsource the writing of regular relevant(to your niche)
articles to be placed on the blog. Important to note that articles must target relevant keywords in your niche with enough traffic volume but with low websites competition.

2. Perform on a regular basis, SEO(search engine optimization) actions. These basically can be divided into two(2). On-page and Off-page.

On-page actions/factors are basically carried out on your site and relate to meta tags i.e title, description, keywords and header tags (hI, h2, h3 etc), making them relevant and synchronized with your article content and keywords you are trying to rank for.

Off-page actions/factors is basically about link-building, creating relevant links (most beneficially as anchor texts) to point to relevant pages/articles on your blog/website.

Why are you being advised to take these 2(two) actions regularly?

Simply because the search engines pages(commonly referred to as SERPs – search engine results pages) that you are trying to get highly ranked on, no matter what some may say, for now and into the forseeable future, will continue to “command” the most relevant/quality and volume of traffic on the internet.

What is a blog/website without traffic?
Hollow! Finished! Of no consequence!

In between them, the search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo/Bing, misc. others, command virtually 80% of internet quality/quantity traffic, while individually they control as follows of search engine traffic.
– Google 60%
– Yahoo/Bing 30%
– Many Minor traffic engines 10%

Moreover, this traffic is FREE, that is, if you discount the effort and cost you spend on optimizing for the search engines (performing on-page and off-page actions)